Friday, December 16, 2016
Yellow is the new Pink

Ever since Despicable Me, yellow has been a rather appealing color to me because of the Minions. And ever since Gudetama, I kinda got a little obsessed with the color. Today, I hereby proclaim. Yellow is the new Pink.

With Gudetama being really popular some time back, Hong Kong seemed to be filled with Gudetama. Or maybe it was because I only had eyes for Gudetama. Of course, shopping cannot be without Gudetama.

I believe it all started with the Happy Meal. Simply can't resist at all with all the Sanrio characters. Though the Gudetama Tissue Box was not my first choice, I must say I was lucky to actually get one. Well, I must say that the tissue box, the drawstring bag, and the fusen (memo) are just tooooooo cute, and I bought them, telling myself they are useful. Just like the zillion memorial cups I have for every theme park. But you can't deny that they ARE cute. I even noticed that the cover for the fusen is actually a postcard!

 Added one more to the list of things I bought for the box/packaging. Saw it at the airport, right after we bought enough LoPoBang for souvenirs. Grabbed it, paid for it, go~

Even comes with a cute heating instruction.


 It was a little pricey for 6 tiny LoPoBang, and they tasted nothing like LoPoBang. Since the filling was white lotus or something, it tasted more like TaoSaPiang. Tried to heat it up in the oven. Tasted the same, just warmer. The husband said the shape was probably trying to imitate Gudetama shape (while eating the last piece).

Finally coming to my prized piece. Found this purely coincidentally when we came across a candy shop with a cute piggy logo. Saw it at the cashier when we were paying. Love Gudetama, love magnet, so I shall grab one. Haha, another grab-and-pay.

Made in Japan & For sale in Japan only. That there is a big bonus.

Comes with a tiny gum inside, which is totally negligible. Went to the dump after 5 mins of chewing. Tasted rather good though. I was hoping for the Sakuramochi, but this is really cuuuuute too.

The overleaf of the list is actually the picture of the frying pan just like the anime. Can you see how hard Gudetama is holding on there? Total cuteness overload! Now I feel like collecting the whole set~!

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I love to bake,
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I love cookies,
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