Tuesday, March 31, 2009
Harvest Moon Craze

I confess, admit and am proud to be a Harvest Moon Fan. As much as Benben hate me to be growing veges everyday on my PSP, I love Harvest Moon! I love every version of Harvest Moon. Though I still remember the first time I saw Harvest Moon, was when my cousin playing it on PS1. It seemed really lame to me at that time. But, BUt, BUT! It's so addicting once you play. Especially when you can bring it everywhere you go.

Benben : Can you dun everyday grow vege with your PSP?
eRica : But very fun lehx.
Lue Song : Never mind. Dun grow vege, pat cow lo~

Dont pat cow also can. I hug doggie~

Hahax. But Benben loves me so much that he even downloaded this for me!

I believe it's the newest PSP Harvest Moon, 'cause it's still in japanese, and it's 3D. Well, I understand like 80% of it so far. It's just another version of Harvest Moon, in 3d, with some part time jobs? It's quite fun. Harvest Moon are all fun! Hahax.

But the best version of Harvest Moon would be Rune Factory. I almost wanted to buy a NDS just because of the game (cause it's only in NDS). I searched the internet for PSP, and even tried converting NDS game to PSP(.iso). But none worked. Then, I found this.

Rune Factory in Wii~! Well, I've tried hunting for it at SimLimSquare, at the same time we were looking for game console. No luck. BUT! The other day, I saw it at Compasspoint Comics Collection! It made me wanna bang my head on the wall.


At that very moment, I've decided. I am going to buy Wii with my next paycheck. I dont care about what other people says about wasting money. I WANT MY RUNE FACTORY!!

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Monday, March 30, 2009
Phone Maniac

Havent been blogging for the past
few days, or even weeks because the
wireless at home has been down.
Benben says, it seems like the router
has been overworking and decided to
block down wireless. So we could only
use the cable for internet. Well, I dont
like to be sitting at the living room
just for the internet access.
So I rather live without it.

I think I'm getting a little too crazy
over my new phone-to-be.
I kept thinking about getting
a new phone, so much that I kept
looking at customers' phones
while I work. Hahax.

I think so far I have seen 2
KU990, both pink, 'cause both
were female customers. but I did
saw other pretty pink phones too~

I just want a pretty pink phone
with nice camera with easy
uploading system. And I shall
decorate it with lots of
bling-blings! But should I
really get a new phone or just
make-do this old one? Haix~

I think I shall just wait for my pay first...

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j0tt3d @t 10:48 PM
Sunday, March 29, 2009
Daven's first competition

Daven went for his first competition today.
I slept in on purpose. I just dont understand
why humans like to compete and compare
other people. Since birth, everyone
has been through this, I believe.

Benben Mommy loves to compare.
"Daven is the heaviest at birth among
all our families members." She would
say to the whichever faraway aunt
who has a toddler grand-daughter.

She will also say things like
"None of my 3 children has been
like that.", "Daven is so ... ,
unlike who who who". I think the
worst thing she would say is
when Daven refuse to drink his milk
or is throw tantrum, "Why are you
like that? Where got babies like
that one?" in a rather frustrated tone.

I just dun understand why humans
cant accept other humans as they are.
I just hope Earth would be a better place.

Never ever compare with others.
You are one of the kind.

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j0tt3d @t 8:28 PM
Friday, March 27, 2009
New clothings for Daven

Today, Luesong came visiting~! He came with this plastic bag with some clothings and said that it's from him and GST. I heard him saying that it's for me to wear. I was like, oh, okay.. Thanks.

I went walking home with the plastic bag, thinking. How come they would wanna buy clothes for me? They scare I nothing to wear? Or the day I went for the camp, they think my clothings very ugly?

I reached home, bathed, ate, rested. Till late that night, I wanted to take a look at what clothes they got for me. I really thought it was for me lo. But in the bag was just a set of toddlers' clothing. LOL!

I think I may have heard wrongly. Or maybe LueSong was trying to trick me when he said it was for me to wear. But I really cannot believe how slow I was. Not to realise it until like so late that night. LOL! God, forgive my slowness, k? XD

By the way, Thanks to Gerry, Sokhiang, Trixy & Luesong for the clothings! The gray jacket looks cool. Maybe I should get the little gray riding hood to match with Daven's new jacket. Hahax. Love Ah Gray!

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j0tt3d @t 8:07 PM
Thursday, March 26, 2009
Daven's 6th month

Today, Daven is 6 months old~ I wonder why it seems like his birthday every month. Someone just keeps reminding me about the 26th on every month. Oh.. Yay.. Happy 6th month to Daven.. =.=

But I guess the 6th month would mark some milestone for him. He has just recently learnt how to turn over in bed without any help. Well, it was like his early 5th month, I guess. I just remember he was a little faster than average. Average is 6 months. Hahax.

Also, he got his first tooth! Just a little of the tip is growing out. It might be the reason for his cough and flu. He will also be going for this baby contest this coming Sunday, which I get lots of reminders about it everyday.

It just seems like I'm not really involve in the every first of my first child. Or I just seems so far away from the picture to feel involved. Sometimes it just makes me wonder if Daven's my or her child. This sucks, but I gonna live with it.

I just hope I got my own camera to post more pictures up. I guess that gonna wait.


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j0tt3d @t 7:42 PM
Sunday, March 22, 2009
Cake Maniac

Yay~! I love weekends~!
Just because I get every
Sunday off and work for 4 hours
on Saturday! Actually wanted to
try out the mini cheesecake
from Fidelis's blog the other day.
But I think it's gonna have to
wait till next month now. Hahax~

Well, I've always wanted to make
cheesecake, and this recipe looks
cute and simple to make. I'm going
to look forward to that day~ Yum Yum.

I had a baking session with Lingx
last week. She made some moist cake,
from those cake mix and I made some
mini heart shaped cake. Actually wanted
to take some pictures, but I couldnt find
THE camera.

It tasted quite nice. Though no one
had a lot of it, I was munching away happily.
Cakes are so nice~! Hahax.

Ohya! I also get to pinch on the cakes
I cut at work. Hahax. Really nice lo!
Auntie Boss say MUST try mahx. LOL!

I just love cakes!
They are so fortunate, you know.
They are made to be nice and pretty,
handled with extra extra care,
and they get to be in the fridge
most of their life. So cooling~! Hahax.

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j0tt3d @t 10:47 PM
Saturday, March 21, 2009
The things worth staying for

I think things are starting to get better at work from now. New staffs are coming in, and all of them seems to be really nice. Though PeiWen is still being picked on. I'm seriously thinking that Auntie Boss is being alittle too harsh on her. I dunno how many times I'm going to repeat this, but it just show how much I'm convinced.

I'm starting to like the other staffs around here. We managed to chat and laugh despite the endless work for each of us. We rolled our eyes at the same things. Learn together and share opinions. But please remember to take out the Bosses from the picture. ESPECIALLY Auntie Boss. Hahax.

I have a feeling that the morning Auntie may be quitting soon. I wonder if I'm going to work the morning shift permanantly. I dont really like or dislike it. Somehow, I just hope not to work such long hours.

I just want more free time to myself. Haix. I need a vacation...

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j0tt3d @t 10:44 PM
Friday, March 20, 2009
New things at work

For this whole week, I have been working in the morning. Since the Morning Auntie doesnt seem really interested to work anymore. I guess it's the same for everyone else in this place. It may just be the place.

Working in the morning means a whole new different thing. I have been assigned to some things that I've not done before. These few days, I have been learning how to cut cakes. Hahax. It sounds funny, but ya, that's what I've been doing.

Yesterday, I got a cut from work. The ironic thing is that I did not cut myself with the knife. I got cut by the round aluminium foil that was meant to be the slice cake base. That shall show you how stupid Rica can get.

But there are also things that will not change at work. Auntie Boss was talking on and on about how hard it is being a Prima Deli Franchise. Then she continued to go on and on talking about how bad some staffs can get. Then she still continued to go on and on about how come they cant be like some of the good staffs she have.

Haix. As usual, she seemed to be picking on PeiWen. She kept pushing her to do her work faster. She kept using harsh wordings on PeiWen. But I was taking my own sweet time to cut the cakes. Seriously, I was REALLY WOLS. But all I got was "You also try to be faster. If not I give you 8 cakes to cut, you'll finish cutting after 8 hours. Then you can off work." after she said something about PeiWen.

I really dont understand why this huge difference in attitude. I really think PeiWen is a really nice person. It's just that she needs a little push once in a while to get her going. I wonder how long I can stay. But I think there's something coming up that's worth the watch...

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j0tt3d @t 8:54 PM
Thursday, March 19, 2009
LG Cookie

The other day, Wendy asked me to
take a look at LG Cookie. I did,
and this is what I found.

Hahax. LG phones all look so
interesting~! Hahax. Maybe I
shall get a LG phone soon.
If I can afford, that is. So
I think I would have to wait
till the next paycheck.
Though Ben keep saying LG phones
are not as good. But who cares?

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j0tt3d @t 8:53 PM
Wednesday, March 18, 2009
New PS3

I will not be able to buy whatever
I've listed in the last 2 posts.
Camera, phone. Dream on. Why,
you may ask? I will show you why.
A picture speaks of a thousand words.

Yes. This is the reason why I went
bankrupt. It literally cost a bomb.
You wouldnt wanna know how much is
left in my bank. You wouldnt wanna
know how I'm going to survive this month.

That thing just burnt a HUGE
hole in my pocket. And my bank too.
Or rather our bank. Ouch.

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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Another item has just been added
to my buying list. Now, I need a
new PSP. My husband got too jealous
because I love my PSP more than him,
decided to push him down the bed.

It suffered from a serious concussion,
and need to have an operation soon.
Though it is still able to talk,
sing, and think well, it doesnt have
any expression anymore. Or rather,
I should say it keep making weird expressions.

In short, my PSP fell from the bed,
and the LCD screen broke. Not as in
the screen shatter into pieces,
it broke inside. What I can see now,
is a few big cracks. (But the bottom left
of the screen still can see lehx~! LOL!)

I was thinking of getting a new PSP.
But BenBen say he's going to replace
the screen. Let's just see how it turns
out. In the meanwhile, I'm going
to miss my PSP.

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j0tt3d @t 6:24 PM
Monday, March 16, 2009
New Phone AND Camera

I know I want a new phone when
mine died on me when I was sms-ing.
You wouldnt know how it feels to
have your phone died on you until
you experienced it. I was like,
"huh?! no batt?" But it cant be
the battery; it didnt even give
any warning. It just died.

I know I want a new camera when
I have nothing to take pictures/videos
with when I really need it. I need
something to take pictures/videos
with and able to upload to my blog.
That's the point.

I know KU990 is what I want when I
fell in love with it at first sight.
I'm addicted to metalic pink now.
It's cool, pretty, and addictive.
It's pink with a big WOW.

I know KU990 is what I want when I
know it has a 5mp camera; and the
open/close lens! I'm still amazed.

But I'm still thinking whether I
should get that. Benben say that LG
phones are not really that good.
There are other better touch-screen
and camera phone than KU990.

*Thinking thinking and continue
to think... ... ... ... ...*

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j0tt3d @t 6:24 PM
Sunday, March 15, 2009
Ben's POP

I think I'm kinda of addicted to blogging.
I'm like scheduling entries for tomorrow,
the day after, and the day after after,
so I dont have to really update them everyday.
YET, there will be new posts everyday. Haha.
Tell me I'm crazy.

Two days ago, on the 13th March, was
Ben's POP, aka Passing Out Parade.
But to be exact, he wasnt in the parade.
He was injured AFTER his field camp,
quite badly that he need not join the march.
Actually he just didnt wanted to join.

To be honest, it was really boring to be there.
I mean, even if Ben was in the march, it would
still be the same. We'll be watching so many
green men marching across the parade square,
not knowing who is who.

I almost wanted to play with my PSP.
But Mommy got tired and I got to carry
Daven~! We were like dancing, when they
played "Congratulation" by Cliff Richard.
He was like so happie lahx. Laughing like
people were congratulating him.

Not your birthday yet, you know, Daven.
Should have taken some photos, or even
videos. But my hands were full.
Daven's getting heavier by the day.

Time for refreshments~! That's the best part,
I think, seriously. It was BeeHoon with curry!
With hotdog, chicken wings and spring roll.
Quite nice, but I was really full. Even after
our refreshments, we had to wait for them to
finish counting arms before we can go back.

Well, that just ended another post. Haha.
Blog Addict.

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j0tt3d @t 11:32 PM
Saturday, March 14, 2009
The kind of workplace you wouldnt wanna have

I dont really know how to place it. But everything in my workplace will make you question, "Why is it like that?" I'm not talking about the way the people work around here, but the way they treat their staffs. It always makes me roll my eyes.

I have been working at Compasspoint Prima Deli for the last two months, but I wouldnt say I'm the newest staff there. This Malaysian girl, PeiWen, joined us after a few days I did. It really puzzles me how different we are being treated.

I joined them as a part timer because I do not want to commit too much of my time working. PeiWen started out as a full timer. Having worked in a confectionary before, I got a hang of the work very quickly. I can take cake orders, be cashier, and handle the waffle counter.

But PeiWen, being a much quieter and shy person, she learnt, or maybe express, things in a much slower pace. I guess, that is when the bad first impression came about.

PeiWen always get yelled at the slightest mistake you make. Well, by Auntie Boss that is. The culprit who has been behind all those biased storyline she created herself. She's really one of the weirdest weirdo I know.

I've actually tried doing something Auntie Boss told PeiWen not to, wanting to know how different both of us are treated.

Example: During Stock-taking.

Peiwen got yelled at for bringing the delivered cakes to the fridge one at a time. Auntie Boss was going like, "Cant you write all the cakes' name on the box, and bring them into fridge together!?"

But I have a tendency to do that too. One day, Auntie Boss happened to be there when I was bringing in the cakes one at a time. She was saying like, "You can try writing the cakes' name a few at a time, and bring them to the fridge together. It's faster that way."

I was like, WOW. How come she wasnt using that tone when PeiWen did the same thing?

Well, there are so many other things that make that place uncomfortable. For both employers and employees. I wonder how long that place is going to last.

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j0tt3d @t 8:52 PM
Friday, March 13, 2009
I neeeed another vacation

Vacation - something I love to take
once in a while. But I believe my term
of vacation may be different to most people.
Well, most my closer friends
and pals would know - my meaning of VACATION.

I think I need another long vacation some
time soon. Away from work, away from people,
away from life. To find out what I really
want out of life.

The whole night in SJCC Camp, I was talking
to SokHiang and Desmond. Well, we talked
about my long "vacations" in life too.

There was when I starting thinking,
how life would actually be if I chose
otherwise. I would probably still be
stsudying in NYP ECC. Probably still in
JMD, even may be part of the Main Comm,
planning how the camp should be.

I would probably still be in my cozy home
where I have been for my past 20 years.

Haix. How different would that life be.

But still, I am happy that I could be
talking about it to SokHiang and Desmond,
without much emotional outburst. I guess,
no matter if I chose the right one,
it's my choice; my life. And I have to,
and will, take responsibility of it.

BenBen loves me alot too~ Though Life can
be rather difficult too (It might just be
the mindset). I can get through this.
Things will hopefully be better.

But I think the worst thing in me is that
I want to go back to how it was like.
School, friends, JMD, Dance.
That may just be the things that are holding me back...

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j0tt3d @t 12:19 AM
Thursday, March 12, 2009
Thoughts Of the Day

1. we choose our own state of mind, our happiness or unhappiness

2. if you truly accept responsibility for your life, you spontaneously release all blame and resentments

3. do what's right, regardless of the fear or the consequences. all you can finally lose is your fear

4. if we cease to demand things to be perfect, the business of being happy becomes easier

5. as you begin to eliminate your need for perfection in all areas of your life, you will begin to discover the perfection in life itself

6. start doing the things you have always wanted to do and enjoy each moment by finding something enjoyable, now

7. stop worrying about what everyone thinks about you because, usually, they are not thinking about you at all; instead, they may well be wondering what you are thinking of them

8. one of the easiest ways to feel good about ourselves is to recognise the beauty in others

9. if you look deeply enough, you can almost always see the innocence in other people as well as in potentially frustrating situations

10. thoughts have power over our mind, our body and our emotions

11. negative thoughts are deadly, dangerous and depressing. positive thoughts are the exact opposite of that - they are life enhancing and joyful

12. it takes less energy to get an unpleasant task done 'right now' than to worry about it all day

13. if you are not happy in your present circumstances, you have no one but yourself to blame. make whatever changes you need to make sure that you are happy

14. taking responsibility for your life also means accepting the things you cannot change

15. knowing thyself: in this one sentence lie the solutions to all our sufferings and the secrets to all our desires

------ Quoted from Desmond's Blog

Well, this is something that has been learnt
some time ago. But reading it from someone
else's blog just enforced the idea of it.
But, Life is never a easy lesson.
You may know all the theory about it,
but it's not that easy to master the practical.

Just a reminder to all, and me too.
Be control of your own life.
Happiness is a choice of your own,
not something to be given by someone else.

Start counting your blessings now,
you'll be amazed how much it can add up to.

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j0tt3d @t 6:29 PM
Wednesday, March 11, 2009
My Dream Phone

The other day, which was like
some time back, my mother decided to get
a new phone. In the end, I was addicted
to this one I saw. The first thing that caught
my eye was its color! Metalic Pink~!
It's so cool~~!!

Though I'm not really sure if it's this model,
KU990. But this is the closest I can find.
'cause I remember the dummy phone by the
cute little girl with a great smile on the screen.

The next thing that amazed me was this~!

The back of the phone is just like a camera~!
You can even close the len! Maybe I'm
rather outdated on new technology. But I think
this is really cool! And I'm amazed.

But it's fully touch screen with no keypad.
I was thinking at that moment,
how am I going to sms? Poke the screen?
What if one day, the screen spoil?

During SJCC camp, I saw bRyan and Danny's phone.
bRyan's was Samsung touch screen. I was playing
with the camera, and was entertained just poking
the screen for nothing. Haha. Danny's was LG touch screen.
I saw him sms-ing. And ya, he was poking the screen with his fingers..

Jo told me that there's no pen for bRyan's phone.
But the sales person told me there's a pen for
the LG phone I was looking at. Just that the dummy
doesnt have it. I wonder...

Anywaysssss, I think it's really time for me to get
a new phone, when my phone actually died on me
the other day. I want something metalic pink,
and never fail to WOW me everytime I see it. Haha.

I will continue to dream on..

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j0tt3d @t 11:29 PM
Sunday, March 01, 2009

Hohoho~ This is my first SJCC Camp, and I'm already being introduced as a senior. I think I'm not so used to being elder than anyone else. It just feel weird. Well, even though I just sit in for most of the programmes and games, I think I learnt alot too, and hopefully grew from it too.

I realised after a year which I went missing, everyone grew and got promoted. All of them are part of the Main Comm, and are most probably more matured than they were. Though they still play alot, they work alot too. I miss them sooo~

By the way, here's some pictures and videos I got from the camp. Apparently, I became the cameraman. Hahax. I got nothing better to do mahx.

Ok. Here are the videos that took me ages to upload them. I just embedded afew of them. So if you wan more, go to YouTube. Haha.

This is my newfound friend, Desmond, posing for the camera.
Haha. I was really bored to be taking that picture too.

This is Sok Hiang's Ba Cho Mee Group, planning for the performance~

I miss JMD!! Or I think I miss what JMD used to be.
Remembering that we always practise on our own with that tiny speaker?

Remember how hard we trained for each performance?
The box remind me of Err-Time. Haha.

Remember how the Alumnis were so angry at us,
and keep wanting us to start "All over again"?

I miss JMD. Or I think I miss what JMD used to be.

Now now, this is what camp is all about.
I'm going to join you guys next year~! Hahax.

I miss school, friends and all.
But somehow, being at this camp makes me feel
and understand that everyone have to grow;
be what they should be, and do what they have to do.

I wonder what I'm supposed to do...

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j0tt3d @t 10:10 PM
Me, I && Myself

XueQi aka eRika aka GinGeR

I love to bake,
trying out to cook.
I love cookies,
learning to like making cakes.

I can be nice
or evil.
I can be hyper
or quiet.

Trying my best to always
Love what I do,
and Do what I love.

I serve Nuffnang!

hIdInG pLaCeSsS


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