Wednesday, September 24, 2014
Drama in Real Life

After listening to so many episodes of drama,
it's finally time for us to take some action.

On the 28th July, Ms Tooth came back from
HK/Chi-na in the middle of night with Le'En.
She left him crying in the room where His mother
was sleeping, and did whatever she was doing
in the kitchen/bathroom. From what I heard,
I believe she was doing it purposefully, deliberately.

With a crying baby in the room, there was no doubt
His mother was definitely gonna wake up.
According to His brother who was not asleep
since he was doing his project, the cry continued
for quite some time. I assume that His mother
probably tried to calm Le'En down and get him to sleep,
but failed. After which, she brought him out into the living room.

Then the argument was started by Ms Tooth shouting
at His mother, and ended with her dumping the child's
passport into the brother's room from the corridor.
With her shouting something like "The child is all yours now.
You can sell or throw if you want to. Suit yourself!"

Not being the first time that she actually did this,
the whole family was firm this time, to not persuade her
to return, since she was being plainly ungrateful despite
whatever the family had done for her.

For the whole of the following week, between
29th July to 1st Aug, Ms Tooth disappeared.
(Probably dropped by SK a few times but doesnt matter)
Upon being notified of the incident,
we decided almost immediately to take up the
Care & Control of the child. Whatever she was doing
repeatedly, not only cause inconvenience to the family,
but also caused damages to the child.

We made arrangement for His mother and father
to fetch Le'En to and from the current childcare
between 29th July to 1st Aug 2014,
while desperately looking for a more convenient one.
But as expected of the fickle-minded Chi-na women,
she went to pick the child up very early on the 4th Aug,
and cooked up another episode of her own favorite drama.

She brought the child to His grandparent's place,
and talked to His aunt. Apparently, about the child's future,
or so she placed it. When He went over to get the child,
she actually called the police on Him, which was totally ridiculous.

But still, this was exactly the thing We were trying to avoid
since Day 1. That was exactly why He stayed away for
the past year. Yet, her actions and negligence make
everyone's blood boil. That night, Le'En went back
with His father, and His mother brought the child to
the childcare again the following day.

5th Aug, once again she went early to fetch the child
from the childcare and spent the week at His grandparent's place.
8th Aug evening, His father went over to get the child to
His parent's place, and We took care of him for the long weekend.
His father promised Ms Tooth that His mother will send Le'En
to the childcare in the morning on 11th Aug. But because
We did not have to work on that day, we took care of him.

11th Aug Lunch Time, around 12pm. He made a call to
Ms Tooth, telling her that we will be taking over the care
for Le'En (It was one of the questions that she asked
during the argument on the 4th Aug) and we had already
made arrangement for a childcare center that's much more convenient.
Surprisingly she sounded rather calm though sarcastic.
(He turned on the loudspeaker so I could hear the whole conversation.)
She asked about the current childcare, and told Him to proceed
with the withdrawal because "they will ask a lot of things".

She did mentioned about me too, and He responded saying that
both of us are taking care of him at Bishan for the past week.
She just replied with "ok".

So from then on, we lived peacefully for almost 2 weeks.
No nonsense, No bullshit. Even with a little brat to tag along
to almost everywhere we go. But still, we are happy,
for Happiness is a Choice.

Towards the end of the two peaceful weeks, 21st Aug,
He checked his mail. (after I pestered him for so long
to do it as I probably had the women's thing on it)
3 emails with some ridiculous shit of hers again.

Main thing was the Mediation/Counselling is set on the 16th Sept.
Ridiculous shit is that she told her lawyer that We had changed
the childcare WITHOUT her knowledge, resulting in her deposit
to the other childcare $1500 forfeited (which is not true as the principal
said that a refund will be given back to CDA as the deposit was paid
through the CDA). She claimed that she doesnt know the whereabouts
of the child (even though she was informed that the child will be staying
at his Bishan nursing home over and over) and lastly, DEMAND
the child to be RETURNED to her.

The letter was dated 15th Aug, received by His lawyer on the 18th Aug.
The letter mentioned that both lawyers had spoken over the line before it,
probably on the 14th Aug?

But what really confuse me is that on what ground is she demanding
the child to be returned to her? She actually left the home and dumped
the son right there. Ok, even without talking about her leaving,
there is nothing wrong with the father of the child caring for the child
in the place where the child grew up and had stayed in since birth.

I honestly think that there is no action required for us. The most we could do
is probably inform the lawyer about the incidents that happened.
After which, let's look forward to the Mediation~! xD
It's going to turn out to be a fun fight,
since she's even lying to her own lawyer now.

At this point of time, I still think the best way to react to all her nonsense is to be resilient.
She can lie all she wants, but that is not going to change the truth.
She can go crazy all she wants, but that is only going to make herself more miserable.

=For whatever may come into your life, whether it is good or bad, depends on you, not anything else.=

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Wednesday, September 17, 2014














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Wednesday, September 10, 2014









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Wednesday, September 03, 2014
Thankful and Happy

Arrggggh~ Been real stressful about some things.
Detest any kind of stress, but still,
it makes me feel alive.
Honestly, those things shouldnt concern me.
But after all is over, these are the things
that will affect me as well.

To be honest, I once thought that I might
never be able to care for anyone anymore.
For such a long time, I have locked my heart
in the deepest of darkness, so I would not
care for the person who's supposed to be
the closest to me. Yes, him.
(It's really not easy. Mind over Body,
or Body over Mind thing.)

So it was rather miraculous that these things
actually made me worried and affected my mood.
Even though I feel that my past still cast a
shadow and makes me wanna throw everything
behind me and leave for good.
Or vanish from the surface of the earth.

But after learning it the hard way,
I've decided to fight for the thing
worth fighting for. I've decided to
ask and fight for the things I want,
instead of watching them slip past.

Being thankful is the key to being happy.

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Me, I && Myself

XueQi aka eRika aka GinGeR

I love to bake,
trying out to cook.
I love cookies,
learning to like making cakes.

I can be nice
or evil.
I can be hyper
or quiet.

Trying my best to always
Love what I do,
and Do what I love.

I serve Nuffnang!

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