Tuesday, October 31, 2006
Beginning & Ending

Todae, before going to
school, I finish watching
Smile Pasta ep16. Dont
really like going after
shows cause have to wait
and wait. The show is
nice though.

Believe that, the next ep
is the last ep le. So sad.
But true love never ends.


programming. went there
and surf for more blogskins.
LOL! no one bothered about
wad the teacher was teaching.
ok. was he teaching anything?

1010 tut. still can answer
the question. but i think
later on are more difficult
questions lo. haix. wad if
i fail again. wad if i miss
moi lab tomoro again~ T.T

den was 1001 maths. wasnt
listening at all. wrote a few
postcards. den was asked to
like do some questions. strange
thing is that i think i can get
it, but people who listen dun
seem to know. mm..

oh ya~ shellen said must talk
bad about xiaohong den he will
tag~ but until now also never
see him tag lehx. hahax.

todae he was forcing chocolate
to eat fishball. super bad lehx.
force people do something that
he dun wanna do. or rather
cannot do. den still keep make
fun of him~ so bad so bad.
though i was laughing too~ LOL!

ok~ i shall go and figure out
how to make a blogskin on my
own since xiaohong dunnoe how
to teach. sadded~ Zzz

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j0tt3d @t 11:57 AM
Monday, October 30, 2006
School & Dance

ok. because of xiaohong's
repeated complaints about
me just blogging about
dance, i will begin to
blog about BOTH dance
and school from todae onwards.


went for 1010 morning lecture.
late again. yes, again. haix.
i need a better alarm clock.
maybe morning calls. or rather,
a better me.

xiaohong and his xiao mei nu
are so loving. hahax. Shellen
if i remember correctly. hahax.
so loving until their eyes only
see each other. den like throw
me one side like that. LOL!

mm. whole lecture i guess wad
I did was writing postcards.
hahax. but xiaohong never post
todae lehx. so sad. LOL!

After break was comm skill.
Was tired enough to slp in
that lesson. woke up with
a neck ache leading to a
headache. and i kept thinking
that it was the teacher's
niaming that cause that headache.

Jap - was kinda nice being in
the lab and playing comp.
The nicer thing is that Ray
came in the class like one
hour late, after 2 weeks of
absense. Right after he came,
we went to another room.

Having a small test next week.
Though Keiko sensei said it's
small, i realli dun think it's
SMALL anymore, after she told
us what may be tested. haix~


Went for locking todae.
Michael would be leaving for
Osaka on Wed dawn. So this
would be his last lesson
before he left for Osaka.

Thinking of how the Mondays
and Saturdays will be without
him, I'm already missing him.
Maybe we should just go to
the airport on wed and act
out a drama~ "Michael~
dun goooo~~" kinda thing.

I still wan a jap-eng or
eng-jap dictionary. haix~
after dance, we, as in
alot of people, went to
eat. Joined 3 tables to
fit 12 people.

Nothing much though. Just
that reached home rather
late and is super tired.
I'm eating and sleeping
more than usual. Something
is wrong. Somewhere. -.-
PS: will be changing blogskin and song on wed, 1st nov.

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j0tt3d @t 11:59 PM
Sunday, October 29, 2006
xGingerx sleeps

Ok. Im super lazy to blog
but not updating just makes
me feel weird. So this is going
to be short.

Woke up at 4pm todae, since
i went to bed rather late ytd.
ok. i always go to bed late.
nothing much. stayed home.
housework. charmed.

ytd went to watch death note.
thanks to onion for treating,
otherwise i might not even
be watching. hahax.
those 2 guys are cute. though
i still prefer L.

erm. that's about all.
seems a little slpy again.
got sch tomoro. maybe
should just slp early.

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j0tt3d @t 11:34 PM
Friday, October 27, 2006
Dance Rox~ Laughters Rox~

Dance is realli very nice todae.
I was laughing the whole day out.
Though at first the fear was still
there. Yutaki's song just chased
everything away~ Super Kawaii song~

Kinda like the back to 70s
feel. But surprisingly,
that song is by F.I.R. No matter
wad, it's so kawaii~ so the dance
was so nice and fun. Laughed
all the way. hahax.

den wanted to go for Girls'
Hip Hop, cause everyone also
going mahx. den Onion pulled
me to Str Jazz. hahax. never
mind lahx. both i also ok~

Dunnoe why lehx. but i kept
laughing to myself. Forget
steps laugh. do wrong also
laugh~ LOL! i think behind
the people will think i abit
siao siao liaox. LOL!

mm.. but i also realise that
this thursday intro class is
realli very intro. not as in
the dance is very easy. but
the people attending the class
are super relunctant to move.

ok. let's forgive them. it's
intro. you cant realli expect
much from them. or rather, dun
expect anything from them. hahax.
im so bad. but i see them dance
realli erm.. no steps no feel. ya.

Things are so fun todae. went to
eat with them after that. didnt
eat alot lahx. just a few pieces
of fruits. den talked alot. hahax.
Tomoro afternoon lesson. can slp
longer abitbit. ^-^

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j0tt3d @t 12:10 AM
Thursday, October 26, 2006
Get Well Soooooon~

This post is dedicated to
our beloved Yi Xuan~ Get
Well soon wor~ Must take
care and come back Dance~
We always here for euuuu!

ok. Now is Thursday morning.
Ytd during Jazz Techn, xuan
dislocated her knee. Ouch~
I see le also pain for her.
But she so strong. must jia
you jia you~

Janet accompanied her to
the hospital by ambulance.
Her mum and dad, informed.
Sheila went there by bike.
Kinda of worried for both
Sheila and xuan. Sheila was
riding with her strained neck.
Please be xtra careful...

Jazz Techn Class was cancelled
and i didnt go for lyricalsoul
either. i just cant stop thinking
about xuan's leg. ouch..

My bones are weak also lehx. I
mean those cracking sounds in
the joint when I just move
abit. They dont go away no matter
how much soy milk and milk I downed.

Bryan told me not to think so
much, but it just kept coming
to me.even after i reached home.
on the bus, in the shower.
It just hurt so much. Too much.

Micheal is leaving for Osaka next
week. Wednesday early morning to
be more exact. Bryan would be on
his way a week later.

Can things get any worse? I mean,
I'm happy for them to be going
to Osaka. But we cant go, and
we wont be having lesson with
them for a month. haiz. nua-ed.
didnt even wanna wake up for
class todae. gtg soon~ zzz.

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j0tt3d @t 7:45 AM
Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Argh~ I skipped moi eg1010
morning lab again. argh~
always wake up late~ why
must be 8 am de lesson~?!

Just watched Smile Pasta
ep 15~ ARGH! so nice so
nice~ hahax. changed the
song to 张栋梁's 北极星的眼泪
(Zhang Dong Liang)
(Bei Ji Xing De Yan Lei)

Actually wanted to change
to 小乌龟(Xiao Wu Gui)
that song so cute~ but then
cannot find lehx. hahax.

I even got a blogskin just
for the song 黄昏晓 by Cyndi.
Also from the series
'Smile Pasta'. the skin
and song soooo match~
So just look forward to the
next time i change my skin
and music together~

Hope next week faster come.
So I can watch the next ep.
Hope I wont oversleep again.
So I wont miss moi lesson again.
-*` sMilE~ ^-^

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j0tt3d @t 10:44 AM
Wednesday, October 18, 2006
Spices & Veggies Gang

Todae skipped class again~
hahax. cause cannot wake up.
8 de lesson. i woke up 8++
see timetable is 1010 ELP.
2 hours den brk 2 hrs. zzz.
So i onli went for afternoon.

Afternoon 2 lesson den jiu
take bus go studio liaox.
hahax. reached super early.
nua there so long. next time
should go home nua better.

dAnce - Ishi's New sch and
Bryan's Jazz Techn.hahax.
nothing to say liaox. wanna
slp le. zzz. XD

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j0tt3d @t 8:36 AM
Tuesday, October 17, 2006
For Dance

First of all, happie bdae
to nic~! hahax. todae saw
the lift's date so familar.
den is nic's bdae~ dunnoe
wish him how mani times
of happie bdae le. so nic,
must be very very happie hor.

todae onli have afternoon
classes. from 1 to 6.
so nua-ed abit. hahax. so slpy
lehx. still in holiday mood.
i wanna slp more~!!

Skipped the 5pm lesson to
go for dance. hahax. latin jazz
lehx. dun wanna miss lo. though
i very slow cannot catch. that's
why must practise practise practise~

I wanna be good, be better.
For at least something.
For at least dance.
I wanna improve, wanna prove,
there is always
something I can do.

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j0tt3d @t 12:30 PM
Monday, October 16, 2006

Todae's the first dae
of school. lesson at 9
I woke up at 9. hahax.
slack. But so nice todae
got jap class le~ hahax.

after class fly to studio.
hahax. nua there until
locking start. nic so poor
thing. got lesson from 630
to 830 at night lehx. so
cannot come for locking liaox.

Something xtra. todae micheal
mentioned about passion when
we were nua-ing and talking
outside. a guy with passion
for something is more reliable.
quite true i guess.

But somehow I relate it to
myself. I always thought I
needed reassurance. I guess
it's a want. Now i think,
what I really need is a
stronger passion.

Passion makes everything right.

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j0tt3d @t 11:44 PM
Sunday, October 15, 2006
Lonely Sunday

Today forced moiself to
wake up early! dun wanna
slp slp slp until never go
dance again. at first thot
wanna play computer de. but
bro de com no on den he lock
his door lo. so i no internet.
sianx 3/4. Zzz

Went for dance. MTV onli 10
people went. so quite alot
space. hahax. so nice~ but
onli mi, wen and yanli went
for lesson lehx. zzz.

Str Jazz got alot alot people
suddenly the studio alot ppl.
sianx diao. but Bryan use
nice nice song~~ Christina
de Aint no other man.
whahahahahahax. so happie~

after dance also never go
anywhere wor. slack at studio
awhile den jiu go home. never
bathe cause alot people mahx.
den after all bathe hao le,
they closing liaox. zzz.

reach home den realise that
i wear moi shoe back. zzz.
mean tomoro nidda wear shoe
to school liaox. sianx diao~

ya. tomoro sch reopen liaox.
from tomoro onwards, i will
be chiong-ing dance and sch.
zzz. jia you~

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j0tt3d @t 3:48 PM
Saturday, October 14, 2006
Always hungry

Cool~ Todae celebrated another
bdae at studiowu! bdaes at
studiowu just rox~! we're
celebrating Jazreen and Nic's
bdae in advance. Happie Advance
Bdae again to both of them.
Jaz, just 15 mins to 15 years old~

missed Ishi's lesson, cause
the 3 of us, wen, xuan and mi,
went shopping for the present.
hahax. celebrated right after
bryan's str Jazz. cause scare
Jazreen run off mahx.

Ate the cake after popping.
Jazreen nid to rush off again.
hhax. busy gal. den nic also
going off to celebrate another
fren's bdae. argh! all the
main char run off liaox.

after the cake, i ate
lots of seaweed and den
biscuit. hahax. Bryan also
see me, den give me that kind
of 'Bryan' look again. hahax.
say see mi always eating de.

still hungry so went to eat.
but wen meeting fren. yanli got
things on. so xuan also call
to meet her fren. left mi and
onion 2 so lonely. but nvm!
we went to eat sakae at dhoby!

Just walked out of the station,
jiu saw one guy super look like
zhou jie lun! ahhh. handsome lehx.
omg omg omg~ hahax. i wan a
handsome bf also~! LOL!

Im not just another normal gurl.
Ill show u how extraordinary I am.

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j0tt3d @t 11:51 PM
Thursday, October 12, 2006
Bryan soooooo nice~

todae went for latin
hip hop in the afternoon.
went to buy wasabi seaweed
before class. buy 2 packs
until no money. hahax.

mosquito and xuan both came
for afternoon lesson too.
after lesson ate the seaweed~
hahax. wasabi seaweed rox~!
erm. seaweed eat not fat one
hor~ XD hope so lahx.

but seaweed eat not full lahx.
hahax. den Bryan wanna go buy
lunch mahx. bei we sabo until
he treat us eat~ so good~
somemore treat us to Suman!
opps. hahax. ya we ate Suman,
and very very nice de dessert~
Bryan so nice hor~ xie xie Bryan

den we eat full le jiu very slack.
nothing to do mahx. sit there rot
abit den jiu SLEEP~! LOL! i
realli slp on the floor lo.
Bryan so pro. go slp in the studio.
but xuan and wenzi so sianx.
so they went out walk walk while
i cont to slp. hahax.

until evening V Pop by Yutaki and
Street Jazz by Bryan. hahax.
Street Jazz was so cooooool.
hahax. the steps were quite catchy
so I pump in quite abit bit of feel

I started looking at myself
in the mirror le~ hahax. though
sometimes i see moiself dance
will abit stun, until i forget
the steps. At least I still looking
at the mirror hor~ Jazz, Str Jazz,
Jazz techn rox soooo much~

-Addicted to Jazz`

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j0tt3d @t 10:55 PM
Bdae Present~`

-11th Oct-
hahax. i din open moi
bdae presents ytd. den
todae suddenly remember
when i was outside alone.
hahax. i slowly slowly open
the present, cause scare
the wrapper spoil mahx.

First was Bryan, Emilin,
Xuan and Wen de. Open le
see the cd case. den i
see cd already very high lehx.
take out den is Christian de
Back to Basics~! Ahhhh..
I was realli there screaming
to moiself. hahax.

Micheal and Nic was there
playing PSP mahx. den see mi
diao~ LOL! oh. and nic wish
mi belated bdae. Thx~!

den was onion de present.
wah wahx wahxx. Libra cup~
sooo cool~ still got cover
and spoon. den on the cup
was the personality of
Librans. Like pink! so true!
LOL! den still got charming,
flirty, and alot lahx.

hahax. so cool. i can happi
from ytd to todae~ hahax.
Thank you everyone for
everything~ Bryan, Emilin,
Mosquito, Onion, Xuan, Yanli,
Potato, Karen, and maybe the
person who lit the cake's
candle, cut the cake, sweep
the floor, throw the rubbish...
LOL! THANK YOU! muackx muackx~

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j0tt3d @t 1:18 AM
Wednesday, October 11, 2006
Bdaes Rox~!

Yay~ happie belated bdae
to moiself~ hahax. had
soooooo much fun just now,
which is ytd~ hahax.

Actually wanted to go for
the afternoon dance lesson,
awww, but so sleepy~ let me
nua on moi bdae, k? LOL!

so i slp until afternoon
den went for the evening
lesson as usual. reached
there and Bryan greeted me.
hahax. was abit bit stunned.
but got hi back.

den was latin jazz lesson.
blah blah blah. after that,
didnt go for mtv, cause i
practice the latin jazz
outside on moi own.

went to bathe when they
were about to finish the
lesson. den they kip ask
me go out when im done.
*suspect something* hahax.

went out and wah wahx wahxx.
CAKE~!! yay~ mosquito yanli
yixuan karen emilin onion
potato they all also there.
and other ppl also. hahax.

so nice chocolate cake~ ^-^
hahax. still got present nehx.
one from onion, another from
mosquito, yixuan, emilin and
bryan. XD listen to so mani
names make me think that
shopping together sure is nice.

After that, we waited for Bryan
to end his 3G lesson. In the
meantime, we were chatting and
taking pictures like crazy. hahax

Den ya, Bryan came down, gave him
the cake, wished me happie bdae.
*pat pat* wahx. like big bro like
that. hahax. after that still went
to eat together. hahax.

I guess just now abit bit too high
liaox. den when one person go home
jiu will abit bit de empty. hahax.

Wanna thank Bryan, Emilin, Onion,
Mosquito, Yixuan, Yanli, Potato,
Kelly, and everyone else for letting
mi realise bdaes can be realli cool~
Sweet 18~! can go zouk liaox~ LOL!

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j0tt3d @t 12:36 AM
Monday, October 09, 2006
Birthdae Wish``

Yay~ Tomoro is moi bdae~
Actually realli nothing
special. But on the eve
of moi bdae, Im going to
make moi wishes known~

There's a saying that,
if you wish upon your
bdae cake, your wish will
come true. But if you tell
anyone about it, it wont.
So Im going to TYPE it out.
LOL! i didnt tell mahx. XD

First, I wanna get married~~~~
LOL~! actually the feeling of
wanting to get married by 18
isnt that strong anymore. But
just wanna see if this wish
would come true.

Second, I want a bdae cake~
hahax. i guess that's the best
part of having a bdae~ cakes
are so nice. though it's very
fattening. so eating it once a
year should be okay~ ^0^

mm.. then i still wish to be
super pro dancer~ LOL! like
mosquito jazreen bryan sheila
suman nic micheal soo mani soo
mani~ hahax. must dance more more
more~~~~ LOL!

mm.. cannot think of anymore liaox.
so if have den i add to next year ba.
LOL~! happi bdae to moiself~ ^^

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j0tt3d @t 3:33 PM
Saturday, October 07, 2006

Ahh~ This entry is specially
dedicated to Bryan. I really
not purposely wanna make you
angry de~ Though I also not
very sure whether you're
angry or not.

Today I went early for the
bazaar. Nothing really appeals
to me much. So I nua there.
Den Bryan suddenly ask what
should he teach for street jazz
later. I very naturally wanna
顶嘴 ding zui with him lehx.

I answer like 'what can u teach?'
den he was like saying nowadays
youngsters become like that liaox.
ahhh.. like realli hurt dao him lehx.
how how how. after that during lesson,
he also like abit bo chap me like
that wor. ahhh.. wo bu shi gu yi de,
Bryan~! T.T

Bryan, realli sorry sorry sorry lehx.
dun angry hor, next time treat u
eat the seaweed wasabi de hor. ^-^

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j0tt3d @t 9:17 PM
Friday, October 06, 2006
Bazaar Bazaar Bazaar~

Yay Yay Yay~ Today was
so much fun~ Booked
the dance lessons but didnt
go, cause i was shopping at
the bazaar~ LOL~! so many
things to buy~ We are so spoilt
with choices. Somemore still
have so many fashion consultants
there. LOL! Shopping is so much
fun with them~

In the end, i bought a shade
and a off shoulder top. The top
was so soooo sooo nice~ ahh~
still rememeber i try that time,
walk out and let mosquito see.
hahax. i was so excited lehx.
den suddenly all the people
outside looked at me.

People like Su Man, Adrian,
LiXin Glady blah blah blah.
I was like err.. why all look
at me~ hahax. after that i
still dun wanna take off.
Bryan also told me the top
very nice~ ^-^

Tomoro must continue shopping~
I going there eariler to shop.
LOL! onion mosquito yanli jazreen
yixuan. must come must come, k?

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j0tt3d @t 11:58 PM
October Rush

Now, now. It's already
OCTOBER. ya. october.
a time that makes everyone
feel that they're so busy.
For me, sch gonna start soon.
For Pepper and Lingx,
O lvl is sneaking up at them.
For dancers at studiowu,
dance is a must everyday.

I guess now Pepper and Lingx
should be k-ing those books
that never seem to be familar
to them. So many problems,
so many passages. hahax. there's
nothing to do except to get them
all down. must jia you and study
hard hor~

Sch going to start so soon so soon.
I still cannot get the feel of
going to sch and rushing for dance.
ARGH! why the hell are there schools!

Ya. and those who's been worrying about
moi hand. hahax. sorry for making you
worry lehx. i think it's getting better.
not so often painful le. mm. ya.

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j0tt3d @t 2:52 PM
Wednesday, October 04, 2006
Dance Rox~

ok. after sunday's super
nicey choro, today was
another good day. Ishi's
back for new school hip hop
last week. today is the second
time i'm in his lesson. the choro
was rather nice, making me
catch the steps relatively fast.

After that was Jazz Techniques.
omg~ wad can i say~ Jazz juz
ROX~! hahax. now i luv Jazz
sooo sooo sooooooo much.
Even though I was rather lost
during the lesson, sheila was
soooooo nice to guide the lost sheeps.

Did practice on my own right after her
lesson. I can catch the steps, trying to
get the feel, and hoping that I can still
dance well in front of people. Kick the
stage fright out of mi~ hahax

Wad we learn today:

New sch - nice choro with
slotting, punching, drops and
a little popping.

Jazz - sexy shoulder walk,
shoulder cross step turn.

Thought of combining those
nice nice choro and make into
one dance. den if sch reopen
that time, xiaohong realli ask
mi to dance, at least i know
wad to show him. LOL!
i guess performing is the only
way to kick stage fright's butt.

Dance Completely Rox~

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j0tt3d @t 10:40 PM
Sunday, October 01, 2006

wah wahx wahxx~
Today is the best day
ever in studio~ The first
time I got into the
showcase~ yay yay~
worked so hard le finally
can be on the way to
pro dancer~ Yay yay~

After dance went to see
doctor with moi mummy~
mm.. but she not see
western de lehx. those
chinese massage de wor.
say this one is in born de
den jiu say cannot make
straight de lahx. but help
mi loosen the joint.. or
something like that lahx.

hahax. so happy got in showcase~
showcase showcase~
being good is good.
improving is better.
perfect is a journey of maintaining.

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j0tt3d @t 5:28 PM
Me, I && Myself

XueQi aka eRika aka GinGeR

I love to bake,
trying out to cook.
I love cookies,
learning to like making cakes.

I can be nice
or evil.
I can be hyper
or quiet.

Trying my best to always
Love what I do,
and Do what I love.

I serve Nuffnang!

hIdInG pLaCeSsS


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