Tuesday, October 21, 2008
Breast Milk?

I have stopped feeding Daven breastmilk
for like, a week or so. Please dont be
be such an idiot and say that it's
because I've got no more milk.
Read books, surf Internet.
Have some knowledge before saying anything.

To all my female friends.
In the future, if you have a child,
do breastfeed. Like all reports
and whatever articles say,
it's best for your baby.

NEVER worry that your milk supply
may be not enough, unless you have
something medical that hinder lactation.
Go fully breastfeeding, as nursing
your baby more often makes you
produce more milk. Which means
mixing formula milk may reduce
your milk supply.

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j0tt3d @t 8:07 PM
Monday, October 20, 2008
I Just Suck

I just wanna say,

I suck.

Seriously, I do.
For whatever situation I'm in now,
I'm angry,
Only to myself.

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j0tt3d @t 7:29 PM
Saturday, October 18, 2008
Western Science Vs. Eastern Traditions

This post should be dedicated to Ben and Mommy.
Western Science Vs. Eastern Traditions is like
Ben Vs. Mommy. Ben is just very against all the
Chinese Traditions and all the "Old People Say".

Western Science : Drink 8 - 10 glasses of water daily.
Breastfeeding mothers need to drink more fluid to stay hydrated.
Chinese Tradition : No plain water for the first 20 days, or during confinement.
As plain water may cause water retainment.

Western Science : Eat more fruits and vegetables
for vitamins and prevent constipation.
Chinese Tradition : Only certain fruits and vegetables can be consumed.
The variety is not much. Blah~

Western Science : Shower daily.
Relaxing in warm bath can help the healing.
Chinese Tradition : No washing hair, no bathing.
Shower or wipe with herbal water only.

I guess the list can go on,
but just to name a few that I care most.
Western people should be happily chewing off
their yummy food, instead of pork, chicken & fish
everyday. I miss my yummy food.

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j0tt3d @t 6:04 PM
Friday, October 17, 2008
Never Compare

It had always been a tradition for me to go to my grandma's place with my mother for gathering. Well, I never liked going. Since my aunt likes to compare me and my cousins. Even if I'm the better one, even if it's just another aunty's talk, it's just irritating. Don't people have better things to talk about?

Now, Daven's case is worse. Even before he was born, they, mostly Mommy and Felicia, have been comparing him with Mommy's younger sister's daughter. She should be turning 2 this October.

I seriously dont understand why they would want to compare the both of them. From how clever they are going to be, to what kind of milk they drink, to how much their cot/toys/rocker cost.

I dont care if Daven is the dumbest or the cleverest kid on Earth. I dont care how much they spent on her cot/toys/rocker. I give Daven what we can afford, plus lots of love. Everything doesnt matter, because Daven is Daven.

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j0tt3d @t 4:28 PM
Thursday, October 16, 2008
Happily NEver After

It is never easy to live happily ever after, and never easy to be happy with a big family. As the more the family members are, the more the conflicts will be.

Grandma - the oldest and probably most senile member in the family. Seems to have problem with everyone once in a while.

Dad - used to be hot tempered but now the silent one. Is the sole breadwinner in the family which impose another problem.

Mom - the still hot tempered. Cannot tolerate people showing her temper. Can be over protective at times. Wants to be in control. Is currently taking care of everything at home.

Ben - the quite hot tempered. Can be really sarcastic when agitated, which in turn upset target Mommy & Felicia.

Rica - cares about nothing, including conflicts around. Therefore never side anyone in conflicts. The Silent Protestor.

Jeremy - the outcast of the family, I should say. Never did anything right. The only way he react to conflicts - mumble.

Felicia - Does not like conflicts but can be hot tempered herself. Takes after Mommy, cannot tolerate anyone showing her temper.

Daven - the world revolves around him. One cry and the world shakes. Conflicts dont concern him, but he can be the cause of them.

Well, I guess everyone has heard about the problems that may occur between the in-laws. But now, the problem is between between Benben and Mommy. Maybe I'm included too, but I'm not voicing it out.

It seems that the both of them are having different ways of taking care of Daven. Ben is unhappy because there are times Mommy made him do things more than once by giving non-specific instructions. Mommy is unhappy because Ben acts as though he knows everything. Blah~

Both came complaining to me, but to me, both have their point and both seem to be at fault. For me, I want to breastfeed Daven, not pumping and bottle feed him my breast milk. I made an excuse saying that the pump was hurting me, and I prefer direct. Mommy let me lease him once, and said that she would let me again during the next feed, which never came. Blah~ (She, too, says things she doesnt mean.)

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j0tt3d @t 4:26 PM
Wednesday, October 15, 2008
Fever Vs. Engored

Hohoho. Sometimes it's not too bad getting sick. I had a slight fever yesterday. Hit 38.3 so went OUT for doctor.

I actually stepped out of that door after 2 weeks! Hahax. But by the time I see the doctor, the fever was gone. He said I had a slight throat infection. I was like huh and oh ok.

Juz got a solution to gargle with since antibodies affect breast milk. Watched tv till late before turning in. Then fever shot up again. About 38.8, I guess. Benben kept using iced water towel to cool my body temperature. But I was totally in the wanna-sleep mood.

The next day, Mommy said that it may be the tea I have been drinking that caused the fever. Plus all the tonic, wine kinda thing. Too heaty. I just miss my plain water.

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j0tt3d @t 4:22 PM
Monday, October 13, 2008
Direct Breastfeeding Vs. Pumping

I think I'm preferring direct breastfeeding now. Since I have been facing some problems pumping. Today, I tried leasing Daven on twice. It went really well, at least I think so. He can even suckle and smile at the same time. Hahax.

I guess breastfeeding really bonds mother and child. But it may not be something I can do all the time.

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j0tt3d @t 3:19 PM
Friday, October 10, 2008

Happie Birthday to me.
Happie Birthday to him.
Happie Birthday to both of us.
Happie Birthday to us~~

Hahax. A birthday without cake this year.
Even with cakes, I cannot eat either.
Well, not just cakes, there's tons of food
I cannot eat. ROAR~!

Saw the Wasabi Fillet O Fish on tv the other day.
I guess it's a must try for me after 40 days.
Comes with Wasabi Fries too~!
*Counting down...*

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j0tt3d @t 2:59 PM
Wednesday, October 08, 2008
40 Days of Confinement

Confinement Part 2

I guess there's a lot of things about confinement I dont know until now. I always thought that it will only last for a month, which is like 30 days. But, BUT, it will only be over after 40 days. T_T

Most food can be enjoyed after this 40 days (That's what I'm concerned about!!). But, BUT (again!), there are food that cannot be taken for 4 months~!! Food like banana, papaya, yam & cucumber. I wonder in those Western countries, where they dont practice confinement, wont they have aches all over?

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j0tt3d @t 8:45 PM
Tuesday, October 07, 2008
Daven's Full Month

It's always good to prepare early, though I think it's not really early if I actually start asking now.
It's Daven's Full Month Day~!

It will be held on 25th October 2008. Most probably around afternoon bahx~ Anyone interested can start sms-ing me now. I need to know who and how many are coming~ ^^

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j0tt3d @t 8:45 PM
Saturday, October 04, 2008

Well, I think that it's quite obvious to everyone that being a mother is no simple task. She has to answer to her child's whining; solve their problem; meet their needs; blah blah blah.. But this would probably happen only when the child is older.

For me now, the tough part is sharing my baby to everyone else. hahax. I guess that makes me sound selfish and possessive. But to think that I'm the one who suffered the 9 months half torment, and I'm the one who's still suffering from all these post-natal pain, stress & confinement. Seriously, I dont think I get much of the joy they feel.

This becomes really true especially when I feel tired and aches. Or it's like when someone does something I dont like to Daven, in my mind, I would go "OMG! It's my baby" kinda thing. But I always keep it to myself.

I guess it's partly because of Benben Mommy being overprotective. Since the day we found out about the pregnancy, she was the one in charge. She was there at my EVERY appointment (not even Benben went for all of them). She cooked, and watched what I eat. She set the time for bed, limit gameplay, blah blah blah.

Now, she's still in charge of everything. Whether to breast or bottle feed Daven, how much to feed, blah~!

Honestly, I dont really feel bonded with Daven. From the pregnancy till now. Even if I do sing to him, talk to him, play with him, I dont really feel the strong love between mother and child. When would I actually feel the "Wow, he's my son~!" kinda feeling?

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j0tt3d @t 10:23 PM
Friday, October 03, 2008

Frustration - a negative feeling that can occur to anyone, but I think it happens to pregnant women and women under confinement.

It's not even a week since Daven came home. I guess tension has been building up since Day 1. Benben Mommy took care of almost everything, and we tried to help as much as we could. It's not easy taking care of a newborn. He's so soft and fragile~!

And since Benben Mommy is in charge of everything, there are times she need to go out to get groceries. These are the times we're on our own. For that few hours, we would try our best to meet his needs. But there is always one voice that discourages everything and last whole day long.

Eg 1: Mommy went out. I guess it was during the first few days, cause I was resting the whole day. Benben took care of Daven during Mommy's absence. Ahma was at home, just sitting around in silence as usual (She doesnt really say much when Mommy is not around).

But when Mommy came back, the nagging started. I keep hearing Ahma saying dont know how to take care of Daven, keep letting him cry, kinda thing. Most probably was referring to Benben and maybe me too. That lasted the whole day.

Hearing things like that once is already uncomfortable. Hearing it whole day long is really frustrating. Furthermore, I dont think it's really true, and she didnt even help.

Eg 1.5: I still remember there was once Daven cried in his sleep, and everyone went rushing to him. While Mommy was carrying him, Ahma told her that Daven is such a lucky baby. Once cry, there's someone to carry him. Her son(Benben Papa) didnt even have that.

I was then thinking if her son did not get enough care and comfort, it was probably her fault. She's the mother, isn't she?

Eg 2: Mommy went to the market with Ahma & Felicia. Just before they came back, Daven pooped alittle in his diaper. So Benben wanted to change him, but he pooped more and poop was everywhere (this actually happens often. We laughed about it alot of times). Then Benben rushed him to the toilet (cause Mommy has been potty training him there).

Ok. The easier way to place it is things were really messy when they came back. And so came the nagging. Benben cant really stand all those they-think-they-know-it-all people nagging. I guess including Mommy sometime.

Let's just say that he exploded that day. It wasnt anyone's fault, to me.

Eg 3(added on): Gary, his girlfriend, Timothy came with their 2 laptops for mapling. My mother, sister, brother & his girlfriend came in the afternoon too. I guess seeing so many people makes Ahma feel uncomfortable so she went sleeping.

I went to bed quite early since it was a tiring day for me. Halfway through my sleep, I heard conflicts outside. Not really clear, but I heard Felicia shouting, that would scare the baby.

The next day, I found out that Ahma went crazy again. After going to the toilet, she accused Gary of peeing around the toilet bowl, making her have to use a dirty toilet bowl. Well, the fact was, the toilet bowl was wet with water. Since Daven just pooped at the toilet bowl, and Gary & his girlfriend took turn to bathe after that, they washed the bowl with water.

She also said that putting my expressed milk in the fridge,and feeding it to Daven after warming up makes him have diarrhea. Well, my mother also prefer direct breastfeeding. But it would probably tire me out, since I will have to stand by 24/7.

Well, later in the day, she commented about alot other things too. Scolding, cursing about everyone, everything. But once again, it's not the first time. This happens almost about once a month. Before I'm married or after I'm married, Before I'm pregnant or after I'm pregnant, Before I give birth or after I give birth. BLAH!

Let's just say that the ones who shouldnt be blowing their top are going crazy. The one who is really stressed out is the one who care too much. Frustrated? Blogger is the solution. HAHA!

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j0tt3d @t 3:58 PM
Thursday, October 02, 2008
Hate being confined

Confinement - can be defined as the lying-in of a woman in childbed; accouchment; childbirth. But it means being confined or the act of confining. I am in the state of being confined.

There are tons of things that one cant do or eat or drink or play during confinement. Here's a list.

1. No PLAIN water or cold or soft drinks.
= Whatever I drink HAS to be warm. Sometimes even HOT. Now, I can't even drink WATER!

2. No more snacks, tibits and junk food.
= Simply mean no more potato chips, chocolate, candies, blah blah blah...

3. No more bathing, or even touching water.
= Bathing with herbs is the only time to get the whole body wet. Brushing teeth would be only with warm water.

4. No wind to be blowing directly.
= To make that worse, remember you can't really bathe. And to top that up, not much of your body is exposed.

5. Constipation.
= Most women face constipation after birth. I guess I'm the lucky one.

6. Chicken, Fish, Pork everyday.
= For me, I think I'm going to turn carnivore for a month, since BenBen Mommy is much more worried about me having diarrheas. (After knowing I dont have constipation) I miss my veges and fruit juice. T.T

7. No more outdoor.
= Meaning - no stepping out of the main door. I cant even help to get the laundry just outside the corridor.

8. No bending or squatting. Bed rest as much as possible.
I kinda like this one, but sometimes it makes me feel quite useless. Cant wash the dishes, cant pick up things, cant even sit for too long..

Well, I guess the list can go on and on.. Sometimes it just makes me wonder if I can ever make it through.

=If you think Life is difficult, think again. It can be worse.=

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j0tt3d @t 2:23 PM
Wednesday, October 01, 2008
Happie Children's Day

hahax. I guess babies have babies's day EVERYDAY!
so nice being a baby lehx.

Today, Daven's cord came off. *clap clap*
Well, Benben Mommy kept all her 3 children's
cord, so she did the same to Daven's.
She kept them in angbaos. she even showed me
Felicia's cord. Both of us think it's kinda
disgusting, but keeping it can be quite
*ahem* meaningful...

As I promised, I shall upload some of Daven's
picture in here~! But I think quite a number of
the pictures got lost while I try to move them. *cries*

I think I accidentally deleted quite alot of photos
while I try to move them to the memory card. Well,
I didnt take those picture with my phone, so I should
be able to ask those people to send me again.

By the way, I feel better compared to the first
few days. I really think that the whole confinement
and taking care of Daven thing is much more difficult
than the pregnancy itself. Or maybe even the labour.
But thanks to all the help available, I should be
able to cope and do my best bahx~! Jiayousss~~!

*If possible, I may be putting some of Daven's
videos here. Thanks to Benben for being obsessed
to videoing his cute chubby son. XD

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j0tt3d @t 8:10 PM
Me, I && Myself

XueQi aka eRika aka GinGeR

I love to bake,
trying out to cook.
I love cookies,
learning to like making cakes.

I can be nice
or evil.
I can be hyper
or quiet.

Trying my best to always
Love what I do,
and Do what I love.

I serve Nuffnang!

hIdInG pLaCeSsS


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