Monday, April 30, 2007
Mondaes REDS


Lesson starts at 9 todae.
Lalalalalala~ Troubleshooting
was fun. Mondaes are so beautiful
when you get to see the right person.
*eyes sneaks to next door....*

We got to trouble shoot clock~!
hahax. I'm so amazed by the pulse
generator, the way it keeps sending
pulse for the clock. hahax.
It's so nice watching the probe ticking. XD

Went home at 12. Since there's no JL2
todae, I have 5 hours break. Mommy bought
this for moi lunch. Yummy~!

click on the picture to see it full size

click on the picture to see it full size

NOTE : Guitar Club is starting next week
I should get moi tuner ready soon.
PS : I need a new thumbdrive.

Went Sakae with mommy and korkor for dinner.
I'm bloated, even before stepping in.
The Fish n Chips in the afternoon hasnt digested.

I'm full.
I'm bloated.
And I had diarrhoea. =S


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j0tt3d @t 7:49 AM
Sunday, April 29, 2007
How you see LOVE


Q : 你與戀人去爬山,一不小心走失了,


A : 找一個可休息的地方,等對方來找你
B : 一定會把對方找到
C : 不相信會走失,因此閒逛看風景,

D : 請警察先生幫忙找到對方

Answer :


A. 你需要一個明智體貼的情人,幫助你建立良好的關係,因你多半採取被動的地位,依從他人的決策處理重大事件,如果你遇到無理取鬧的情人,多半會採取逃避的態度。


B. 你對愛情非常執著,從沒自己的生活空間,將全部的關懷放在所愛的人身上,有時過分干涉使對方無法消受,而你卻又感到委屈,建議你愛的輕鬆一點,給彼此一點空間吧!


C. 你將男女一間的感情看得很輕鬆,有充分的自信和安全感,從不擔心會失去情人,彷彿他對你忠心耿耿,你的愛情帶著孩子的頑皮及幽默,只是應當注意一些對方的感受,以免情人覺得你愛的不夠認真。


D. 當你們感情出現問題時,你總是希望找到第三者來幫忙,以彌補能力不足,希望他成為你兩之間的橋樑,你使用的方法很好,但是要注意第三者的能力是否足夠,否則過度依賴一位無用的第三者,反而使自己更倒楣!

PS : I miss my thumbdrive.
Just remember that I had presentation
slides in it. If not found, means
must redo. Any kind soul find my thumbdrive,
Pls return. My cute little black and transparent
in center. Glow in orange when plug into computers.

[You can't make someone love you]
[All you can do is to be someone who can be loved]
[The rest is up to the person to realise your worth]

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j0tt3d @t 7:37 PM
Saturday, April 28, 2007
Trio Spices Gathering

A little saturdae outing of
xGingeRx, Pepper n Garlic~
Again, it's a big feast.
It doesnt seem alot in this
picture, but we were all bloated
after that. We ate for more than an hour.

click on the picture to see it full size

I was amazed by the shape of this
macaroni. hahax. I'm easily amazed. XD
Note : The macaroni is the main cast.

click on the picture to see it full size

With a bloated tummy, we decided to
walk around and disgest the food.
We didnt forget you, DENISE~!
We bought this for YOU~!

click on the picture to see it full size
Just kidding

Disney Babies~ hahax. Disney is
my world~! My life~! Just imagine
me watching the same disney cartoon
over and over again. when I was young lahx.

click on the picture to see it full size

click on the picture to see it full size

click on the picture to see it full size

click on the picture to see it full size

click on the picture to see it full size

click on the picture to see it full size

click on the picture to see it full size

Off Starbucks we went~ It was
actually our main objective todae.
We wanted to stay there the whole day.
Plan failed. LOL! 'cause we ate too long.

click on the picture to see it full size

Garlic went home after that. Me and
Pepper went on walking and arcading.
Guitar Guitar~!!
I got an A for one song lehx~

Saw this cool wall painting after that.

click on the picture to see it full size

Guitar Rox~!

click on the picture to see it full size

click on the picture to see it full size

[You dont know me...]
[Not at all...]

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j0tt3d @t 7:37 PM
Friday, April 27, 2007
Fridae AC

Ac-ed the whole day

Yup. Fridae is AC dae. Meaning
that my timetable is with AC for
the dae.
Well, sometimes it's not
that bad as it seems.

Fish n Chip-ed at North Canteen

LOL! Just miss their Fish n Chips
so much that I went there alone.
whahahahhahahhahahahax. Yummy~ *full-ed*


Teeheehee. Xiaohong was nice enough to
send me his lab 2 thru mail. Too bad
NYP web doesnt let me dl it. So I still did it.
Seriously, I dunnoe how mani copies it became.

Xiaohong : So sad I didnt get to slp in class.

PS : I just realise I lost my thumbdrive.
Last seem LTQ308, played harvest moon with it. =X

[If this was really meant to be..]

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j0tt3d @t 7:37 PM
Thursday, April 26, 2007
Last Minute Spices Gathering

School As Usual

*Yawn~* I hate thursdae 'cause
class starts at 8. Taking my precious
away from me. T_T

Another crazy day spent bomberman-ing,
sleeping, and slacking in school.
School even end early~! by 2 hours~!

Spices Meeting

Pepper happened to call and date us
since she went to pay her school fee.
Garlic came along too, but Salt didnt.
'cause she told her mom that she going
out with us tomoro~!! XD

Ate Laska and toast and egg and milo
and chocky~! Aww~ Tell me I'm getting fat.
Den we arcaded~ OMG~ I so high. I can do
the guitar game now~! Let's go more often!!

Den was shopping shopping. didnt buy anithing
cause everyone was quite tired by that time.
Shall meet again this saturdae~!!

[Time is never enough. Manage them well]

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j0tt3d @t 7:36 PM
Wednesday, April 25, 2007
Japanese Rox

Japanese Make-up Lesson

Yay~ QiQi loves Japanese THIS much~
hahax. I even asked Ishihara-Sensei
about some words I dont know from
outside the Textbook~ Opps. It seems
to be rather difficult to translate.
But she still did~ Thank You~ *muackss*

Sakuran Orientation

I went for the last game and the FINALE.
Well, I wouldnt say I was really into it.
But I got to know Tian Huat though.
Gonna go for the JMD (Japanese Music n Dance)
Orientation this saturadae.
And I got a bread home. XD

Nidda get some sleep. -.-

[Nihongo ga daisuki dakara]
[Koko ni imasu.]

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j0tt3d @t 7:36 PM
Tuesday, April 24, 2007
~~~ xGingeRx Wave ~~~

Good sleeping habits.

Thanks to that, I woke up rather early
todae. Did some housework, cooked mee,
eat and watch anime at the same time.
When this email from Thio BM came.

NYP Staffs did do something.

First thought, "Still dare to email me
when you talked in such a way to me ytd!"
But the email says that my JL2 is approved!

Presentations are nice.

I'm falling in love with presentation now.
Things seem to be easier than it used to be.
Comm skill are really nice, I guess. *grins*

Nothing Rocks Your World Like Bomberman .

Tell me I'm addicted to Bomberman. XD
It's a game that makes you real high~
Scream, shout, stomp your foot. hahax.
You should try playing it too. Exciting~

Dried Mangos are nice. Dehyrated mango?

Love dried mango. But can anione tell
me what happened to the mango that is
dehyrated... Poor little thing.

[Set me on fire, and I'll burn you down. XD]

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j0tt3d @t 7:36 PM
Monday, April 23, 2007
This Says It All

= NYP staffs do nothing but shake legs.

I finally got to my mentor, but he still
told me to look for my course manager if
I wanna change to JL2. and When I finally
get to the course managaer, he freaking
told me off
, saying that I should apply
and all those shit. Freak you.

= Dried Mango is nice. So is mangoteen.

Angela bought some dried mango. and some
is really just some. and according to serene,
it is mangoteen. who cares wad it's called
when it's nice. *munch munch*

= Abnormal may not be a bad thing.

That is when you dont feel bad about being
abnormal. I'm abnormal, unique. so are u.
went home with xiaohong todae, and he
crapped alot. Just hope that he's feeling okay
now. If ya ever need someone, a couple of hugs,
or maybe just some care, I'm here, k?
Always here.

= Lingx say love is an irrational thing.

That will explain why I never got into
love since then. I guess I have been rational
. maybe a little too rational.
I wonder if it's a bad thing. But being in
may not necessarily be a good thing.

[If you think you understand, think again.]
[If you dont get what you read, read again.]

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j0tt3d @t 7:35 PM
Saturday, April 21, 2007
Guitar Club Orientation

Clubs clubs clubs.. Like I said the
other day, I signed up for 3 clubs,
and todae, is the Guitar Club Orientation.
They've got performances arranged for us,
though it seems last minute and informal.

Oh my, tell me I'm not going to fall in
with someone in the club. Hahax.
I think I really like talented guys.
They catch my attention instantly~!

I signed up for the enrichment lesson,
and since I have my own guitar at home,
I'm going to play till it breaks.
LOL! maybe not that serious. XD

[Love me for who I am]
[and love me, always..]

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j0tt3d @t 9:17 AM
Friday, April 20, 2007
My JL2~~

I've got nothing much to say todae.
Just that NYP staffs really do nothing
when they're supposed to be. I went to
my mentor the other day and apparently he's
on MC. I went on to the admin and went to
the Japanese Language teacher Jie Kun
told me about. Then, I was directed to
my course manager.

Tell me how this school does it work.
Most of their staff just teach and
do nothing else
? I can't even find
my course manager. No reply to all
calls and emails
. Just like what Jie Kun
says. They never appear when you're
looking for them.

[If only things can be simpler, easier]

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j0tt3d @t 11:05 PM
Thursday, April 19, 2007
Club Crawl

I guess nothing much really happened
todae. Or nothing too exciting came my
way. Went looking for the mentor but
he's on mc, was told to wait for him
to come back after wasting so much of
my time. I'll see what I can do.

The Club Crawl was on ytd and todae.
As I had no class ytd, I went signing
up for clubs todae. Guitar, Sakuran,
and FB
. But after so long without
dance, I feel rusty. Or rather lazy.
Should I go for the audition?

[I hate you for making me]
[not able to hate u at all.]

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j0tt3d @t 11:05 PM
Wednesday, April 18, 2007
Magical Wednesdae

Yoohoo~ I registered for the DJ workshop
at Safra Radio (883JiaFM) todae~! X) Heehee.
Pepper joined me too. And I saw ZhangYing!
She told me about Jeff too. Missed him.

Since they dont allow picture-taking
in the building, I went home
with this. No pictures, no life!

click on the picture to see it full size

Heehee. It's quite amazing I found my way
there too. I asked for direction~! So proud
of myself. hahax. Learn from Kenny de~!

Next Stop~ Dhoby Ghaut! arcade-ed for quite long.
oh my. Now I know where all my money went.
We were all so hungry~~ PIZZA!

click on the picture to see it full size

click on the picture to see it full size

click on the picture to see it full size

click on the picture to see it full size

click on the picture to see it full size

I ate half of Pan Hawaiian, one of
Curry Chicken Thin, and a drumlet.
Oh my. I'm bloated with these.

Shopping Time~! I bought this at Daiso~
hahax. actually I saw it last time,
went there todae just to get it~ *Happie*

click on the picture to see it full size

Next, Suntec~! hahax. cause Denise
wanna buy webcam. Let's go peek her~!
hahax. I saw this on the way. Elmo!
He murdered the bear beside him~!!

click on the picture to see it full size

That's for GIANT babies~!

click on the picture to see it full size

Denise was crazy about this 7 sins.
I belong to Sloth. Now and Forever. LOL!

click on the picture to see it full size

Pepper bought this ice cream. Just
ice cream if you ask me. $5 for that?
What for when the outcome is the same?
Hahax. Den Garlic went home, and pasta-ed.

click on the picture to see it full size

This was bought by the 4 of us together.
um.. I think we bought the same thing!
Testing that thing make me crazy.
I'm not going to lose moi voice for
that, k~ I still wan my dj cert~!!

click on the picture to see it full size

I was testing that mic with Salt, Garlic
and Pepper, and at the same time, talking
to Kenny. Terence came asking for eg2158.
My sister came asking for her pics to be uploaded.

Wow~ I do need to feel that I'm needed.
But this is too needed. hahax. I'll just
try to get used to that!

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j0tt3d @t 11:05 PM
Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Woo~ Todae's lesson started at 11.
And me blur blur gong gong, go there
dunnoe is wad lesson. But saw Pocky
and Polar Bear. hahax. same class worx.

美女 also told me that the teacher, Ms Sherley,
is very nice~! Actually A8 also quite fun~
I guess I will be doing alot of presentations too.
Next week's topic is already set. =.=

HooHooHoo. I was really enthu when it comes
to my JL2. I cant believe that I will even
call the mentor. Well, I guess I just hate
dealing with those people with authority.
I called him a couple of times. No answer. Blah.

Went to AE's computer class. hahax.
It's a time for internet, games and blogs.
That's why I LOVE computer labs!!

Den was Maths and erm.. Lullaby session.
hahax. 'cause everyone fell aslp in that
err.. communication class or something.

heehee. I think I talked and laughed alot
todae. But it was a rather interesting dae.
School Rocks, doesnt it? X)

Ta-da. Home sweet Home. While most of my
classmates are still stucked in school
with their night classes. Jia You wor~
Just emailed my mentor.

[Give me the rights to say I LOVE YOU]
['cause I really do.]

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j0tt3d @t 11:01 PM
Monday, April 16, 2007
School Reopens~!!!

_____- Part I- ____

Yoohoo~! First dae of school.
No Mondae Blues. No Phobia of School~!
I even saw 小帅帅 in the morning lab.
After the 3 hours of EG2005, I sneaked
into AE class. hahax. The teacher
didnt notice. That's good~

Elective - I WAN MY JAP 2~!!!!
I got Industrial Design 'cause Jap2
was not in moi option. I guess I should
talk to my mentor. Now, wad's his name again?

We waited for the teacher like 1hour. He/she
didnt turn up. We dont even know the name. =.=
So I came back home, ate and blogged.

______[ PartII ]______

Went back to school for another hour
of lecture. Oh my. Tell me potatos cant
teach. ok. I'm evil, and I badmouth people.
Once in a while lahx... =X

click on the picture to see it full size

Then was moi skating trip~! Yay~ Skating
slims you down~! Believe me, cause I'm
hypotising myself. hahax. Met Lingx at
CompassPt. Well, she walked, since she
didnt have enough bus fare. While my sister
jogged there. Exercising is wonderful, isnt it.

Sushi Session~! Try This WASABI coated sushi~!!

click on the picture to see it full size

That will definately force your tears out~
hahax. Tell me I like torturing myself. LOL!


[Toilet paper is one of human's greatest invention.]

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j0tt3d @t 10:41 PM
Me, I && Myself

XueQi aka eRika aka GinGeR

I love to bake,
trying out to cook.
I love cookies,
learning to like making cakes.

I can be nice
or evil.
I can be hyper
or quiet.

Trying my best to always
Love what I do,
and Do what I love.

I serve Nuffnang!

hIdInG pLaCeSsS


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