Friday, June 28, 2013
Going crazy over the little things in life

I’m loving everything at work now! And I believe I failed to mention that I’m actually using wireless mouse and keyboard here in office. I have been wanting to get a set of wireless mouse and keyboard since I don’t know when! (Sadly, I still haven’t get it yet.) So I went a little wow~ on my first day of work, since I wasn’t expecting that such a small company is actually not stingy about these kind of stuffs~

Now I’m pulling, pushing, tossing my keyboard around on my table. Typing away in a position I find most comfortable. I swear I’m going to get a set of these by end of this year! xD

The operating system made me go oooooooooo. Window 8! I could even hear my favourite Japanese band singing the advertisement song in my mind. Haha~

I chose this job because I wanted to have a 5-days work week.  But on the first day, the boss actually changed his mind, saying that I should work on one Saturday a month, even though we agreed on the 5 days a week during the interview. Since that Saturday is not reflected in the contract, can I use that to escape that working Saturday? =D
No matter what, I still like my new job here. There isn’t tons of work waiting for me, since it’s a rather small company. Everyone else around me seems to be much busier than I am. So I’m trying very hard to master the art of acting busy here, and I believe I’m doing a rather good job here.

=For being contented is the path to happiness=

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Wednesday, June 26, 2013
The Story That I Relate to Most Now

This is a rather old story, I suppose, and it was told the other day during dinner. As the story went on, I kind of figured out the moral.

There were once a father and daughter who own a donkey. One day they were travelling downtown with the donkey. As they led the donkey down the path, they met a stranger. The stranger went, “How stupid are you not to ride on the donkey! You’re just wasting it away.”

After listening to what the stranger said, the father decided to let his daughter ride on the donkey. He carried her onto the donkey and they carried on their journey.

As they went down the path again, they met a lady, and she exclaimed to the little girl, “How unfilial of you to let your father walk, while you enjoy the ride on the donkey’s back!” Upon hearing that, the daughter got off and let his father ride on the donkey.

Once again, they journeyed down the path, and this time, they met an old man. “Oh, what poor little thing!” he said to the little girl as he went forward to reach for her hand. “Your father knows nothing about caring for you!” The father immediately pulled his daughter onto the donkey and rode off.

Now, with both the father and daughter on the donkey, they travelled down the path effortlessly. That was when they met another stranger saying, “Oh my! Poor little donkey! How can they both ride on you?” So both the father and daughter got off the donkey.

No matter what you do, there will be someone who has something to say. It is impossible to please everyone on earth, or even just everyone you know. So just do whatever make you happy. When you do so, the right people will come to you eventually.

= For there are so many people in the world, and you cant possibly please them all. =

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Monday, June 24, 2013
Hey Haze!

Hazy Hazy Haze Haze. How are you people breathing these few days? With the haze covering our sky here in Singapore, try to stay indoors as much as possible~ Even I’m here to sweep the dust up! =D

I can actually say that I am not very much affected by the haze, since I stay indoors most of the time.  I actually like the sun hiding behind the haze, giving out a red, and almost pink, beautiful view. Not to mention the dreamy effect the haze gives to the view from my living room. xD

But of course, the haze is not a good thing to have. Not only will it affect the health of the people, (my mom had sore eyes, irritated nose and even headache, even though she hid herself at home in air-con room) it also harm us as a country.

With the haze, lesser tourists will visit us. Who would wanna come here and eat the dust now? I believe even locals will avoid going outside, to shop or dine. Who still have the mood to shop when you’re coughing and choking on the dust or even ashes?

But right now with the start of a new week, the air here in Singapore freshened up too. So far, PSI has been below 100 the whole day~ Yay~ But since there are reports saying that the haze may come back anytime, maybe even worse, let’s enjoy the fresh air while we can now!
=For it is not wise to take anything for granted.=

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Wednesday, June 19, 2013
Being Happy Together

There are so many things out there in the world, and I can assure you that not all are there to please you. There will always be things that you don’t like, detest, or simply hate. But on the other hand, there will definitely be things that simply make you happy. When you find these things, DO NOT let them go. Ever.

Being trapped in the darkness where I could not be myself, or happy, I sought for things that will make me happy somewhere else. I’m glad I did find them. My Japanese classes, my band and of course, my petpig!

I always have fun in Japanese Classes~ I guess just being in class is joy. I’m not exactly the type of good student, with all the late comings, no homework done, and even not paying much attention in class. I simply just enjoy being there.

With the Japanese school as a base, a new rock band was formed. It started off with just a simple sentence from my mouth, and that spark burns on. Deep down inside 4 people who knew nothing about playing instruments. I really hope it will continue burning for as long as forever.

And with everything that eventually pulled us together, I would really say that it was meant to be and everything felt so right. It’s almost like everything we’ve experienced so far was in preparation for this destined meeting.

But honestly, even though my heart is filled with happiness and love, somewhere in a small corner hides fear and uncertainty. But still, I will never let go on what we have and share now.

= For this world is filled with unhappiness, cling on to the things that make you happy. =

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Friday, June 14, 2013
Getting used to being HAPPY

Second week into this new job of mine is getting rather, boring. I was able to survive the first week without much guidance. Mainly because of my do-not-wanna-disturb-people-at-work thinking and also with my in-charge in an office of her own. But I’m still trying my best. Asking whenever I have problems and making sure I really do understand (which I probably didn’t in my previous admin job (wouldn’t wanna talk too much about that though)).

Second week started off with my in-charge’s 3 days leave. Before she left, she assigned quite a load of work for me to do over the three days, which I actually finished in two and even deliberately slow down just in case I seemed too free to my other bosses. *giggle*

Now, after slacking so much for the first four days, she started giving me more new things to take care of. I wonder if she actually notice that I’m having my own free time. Anyway, a busy, wonderful weekend is waiting for me, and I will not let anything or anyone stop me from having lots of fun~

Cheers, people!

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Thursday, June 13, 2013
A Whole New ...... Start!

A whole new start of my life with some much happenings going on. A new job, new place, new partner.

Yes, you've heard it right. New partner. Literally left the cage I was in for 5 years, with nothing. Just me, myself and I. And honestly, I do not have the tiniest bit of sorrow or agony or whatever negative feelings you can think about. I left so calmly, leaving all the messes and chaos behind me. (Also, I must apologise to those who shouldn't but yet got involved in this total craziness.)

Right now, I'm living my life my way. Doing the things I love, and definitely loving the things I do. Life still goes on, and I got myself an office job. Like finally! Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm. Just why did I wait so long for this? (Not to mention about the things I can do during my spare/lunch time~)

Saturdays are the make-every-second-worth –it day. And it definitely is my favourite day. Carrying my guitar, jamming away in studio is just the thing I would never want miss. Seriously hope that I had more time to practise though. After 2 hours of practice, normally comes a nice shopping trip for the new home, nice food for dinner and simply being loved.

Sundays are officially our sleep-in day! Even though with the new home and all, there are just lists of things for us to do, buy, and attend to, we still try to sleep in and snuggle as much as we can on this blissful day.

I would really say life has never been better, and this is probably the best I can get out of it. But somewhere deep inside, there is this one tiny little fear that wonders, if this goodness is going to end sometime. But whatever it is, I’ll just enjoy as much as I can now.

-Leave tomorrow’s worries to tomorrow-

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Me, I && Myself

XueQi aka eRika aka GinGeR

I love to bake,
trying out to cook.
I love cookies,
learning to like making cakes.

I can be nice
or evil.
I can be hyper
or quiet.

Trying my best to always
Love what I do,
and Do what I love.

I serve Nuffnang!

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