Friday, September 29, 2006
You are wad you eat~

I today just realise
that the bread I ate
yesterday morning was
EXPIRED~! LOL~! today
den I realise lehx.
somemore no stomach ache.
Prove that my immune system
very strong. hahax.

Even after I found out
it's expired, I still ate
it today. LOL~! aiya.
dun eat wasted lehx. hahax.
I'm immuned to expired
and rotten food sia. so pro.

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j0tt3d @t 11:22 PM
Monday, September 25, 2006
Frozen in time

haven been updating for so long
actually also nothing to blog
no mood to read anithing.
just plain blankness.

stayed up the whole night
yesterday watching Smile Pasta.
Very like the Full House lehx.
Dunno why Zhang Dong Liang wanna
act until like rain lo. he so
handsome rain so ugly.

ermm. den jiu nothing liaox.

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j0tt3d @t 3:14 PM
Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Ahhhh~! Like I mentioned
yesterday, my right elbow
has been hurting since
Sunday's street Jazz.

Today I went for latin jazz
and MTV. Latin Jazz was ok,
but just before I went for MTV,
I thought, if Bryan is going to
teaching whacking today,
I'm dead.

and hahax. he's teaching whacking.
Thought of not going but like so
bad like that. walk out of his class
halfway. so I hard hard also go lo.
Hurt a bit bit. even though I never
use any force. I already very very
very very the nua le. But still pain.

den I sayang moi elbow that time,
Bryan saw wor. Den like ask me
ok notx. I not so stupid say
I not ok lahx. after lesson,
like alot ppl crowd around
me like that. den Bryan also
come and zou re nao. LOL~!
den he say moi hand realli
hyper extend nehx~ he used the
word VERY. moi arm hopeless le~

mm.. today is the first day
I realise moi arm is so Y Y de
I mean who will notice so much?
Or rather, who will think their
arms are abnormal? Even if
I realise moi arm Y Y,
i also will think is natural de lahx.
LOL~! okok. I'm very slow.
and retarded. LOL~!

maybe, probably, perhaps,
gonna go see doctor.
likely, possible, have the chance
that I will buy a protector.
LOL~! damn the person who invented
Hyper Extend. (was it God?)

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j0tt3d @t 11:28 PM
Monday, September 18, 2006
Audi Mi

mm.. haven been updating
for a few days le. had been
busy auditioning~ hahax.
2 days up 2 levels. XD

these few days went for
dance as usual. Saturday
went out with pepper and
onion. went to x zone and
pc bunk. play para at x zone
as usual. went pc bunk for
audi and pepper mapled awhile.

sunday's street jazz was very
very very the nice. hahax.
this one must blog. if not i
will forget. LOL. but halfway
moi right elbow so painful.
T.T until today still painful
lehx. moi arm finally falling
apart.. because of the whacking?

wail~~ all Bryan's fault.. if
moi arm realli break how how how?

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j0tt3d @t 11:14 PM
Thursday, September 14, 2006
Get High~

hahax. after one week of
listening to the song,
Get High by F.I.R, we
finally went for V Pop~

hahax. the steps was easy,
and very very catchy.
Maybe that was why I kinda
nua. hahax. energy drop drop
drop drop drop. LOL~!

the same goes to the intro
street jazz. Can do the steps,
but energy level wasn't there.
so sad hor~

But I wanna to be pro dancer
also lehx. I wanna be like
Bryan, Michael,Yutaki, Su man,
Mosquito, and Jazreen also~
They so pro~ Dance with so
much feel and energy de.
I must jia you jia you jia you
Then can be like them~

Let's all chiong dance~~~~~!!!!~!

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j0tt3d @t 11:13 PM
Wednesday, September 13, 2006
Jazz T.T

Today went for Emilin's
new school HH. really cannot
catch her lesson. hahax.
today's move was abit
strange too. But next week
Ishi is coming back~
Mosquito very happy hor~

Den was Sheila's Jazz.
omg~ it's much tougher
than Bryan's wor. The
warm up is similar, but
she did more things than
Bryan's. And that's what
is tough.

As usual, the chore part
was across the floor. But
this time, we went two
by two. haix~ I very retarded.
Dunno is become of that
super pro Su man or wad.
Cause when I practise on
my own outside, I can do lehx.

We also did a jump-slide thing.
Cannot do de must redo until can.
Me onion and xuan do again.
But in the end I alone do once
more. OMG~ I cannot take it.
Imagine everyone's eyes on you.
Ahhhhh. Spare me~ T.T

didn't went for lyrical soul. cause
I can't even handle jazz technique.
No hope I can catch lyrical soul.
Onion went wor, but she also catch
no ball. Go halfway, den pulled her
leg jiu run out le. hahax. Heng I no
go. God bless. LOL~

Let's look forward to tomoro's
Latin HH and V Pop~
让我们 get high~!

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j0tt3d @t 10:36 PM
Tuesday, September 12, 2006
Bryan Pro~

dance dance dance.
today not much feel lehx.
hahax. for both lessons.

At first was Bryan's Latin Jazz.
mm.. the moves was quite strange.
especially the shoulder thingy.
that's why no feel lo.
but still not so bad.

After that, Bryan's MTV.
whacking again.
wonder when my arms are flying out.
hahax. maybe today's steps
just isn't my style.
tried my best to feel~~
but still no feel. lol~
so was kinda nua.

When we left, Bryan was
in front of us. wahx.
he really walk fast lehx.
even after we run across the road,
he's still in front.
den jiu bu jian le~
he superman lo.

i wanna go pom pom le.. buaix~

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j0tt3d @t 10:50 PM
Monday, September 11, 2006
Dance to My beat

Today went for J/K Pop.
Yutaki came and replaced
Bryan. hahax. Yutaki also
very nice, so i dont mind.

The steps he taught today was
quite easy. Think he only chore
for 3 eights. hahax. still got one
part is drop. dunno why i so got
feel until moi hairband flip off.
XD heng that move was the end wor.

Must really do moi best in dance.
hahax. today's steps still can remember
very well. maybe cause got feel ba.
Onion, Mosquito and xuan, can teach
you all if u wan bahx. XD

Rest for one hour, Onion and
Mosquito both sms me and said
they not coming. Yanli went back
already. wahx. nua~ me one person.
So in the end, i went for locking.

omg~ Locking was very very very
very difficult. hahax. ok lahx. maybe
i just dunno the basic techniques bahx.
cannot catch the chore part, partly
because of my stm and not really
knowing the moves lo. sadded.

To Nick :
hahax. thank you wor. still will teach
me abit of the popping and hand wave.
hahax. so surprised you actually come
and talk to me. and locking is not that
fun as you said it is. XD

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j0tt3d @t 11:16 PM
Praise me and I'll give my everything

~Sunday~10th Sept~
Today is another Bryan Day.
As in both the lessons we
going for are Bryan's lessons.
First was beginner MTV.
now i cant realli remember wad
we learnt. just know that the
music today super fast.
cannot catch.

Street Jazz today is another
two thumbs up. Yay~ Bryan's
street jazz become so nice~
I really got the feel lehx.
den the steps also wont forget
so easily.

But towards the end, our group
dancing mahx. den during the first
8, i dropped already, hair so messy
den my hairband wanna drop le lo.
if cont dance, den the head throw throw
sure drop mahx. so i jiu tidy first lo.

hahax. den jiu catch bu shang. after
they finish, Bryan say to me and YanLi,
"you 2 at the watch show ar?" den dunno
dunno wad. "just when i thought u got

wahx. Bryan, u talking about me ar? but
then the way he talk, like abit
disappointed lehx. me dance halfway
give up like that. so sad horx.
that time should have told him
one more time one more time lo. T.T

I wan jia you jia you jia you. must
make sure every dance is a
performance, even if it's
just learning. Must give my everything
to every dance. JIA YOU~! XD

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j0tt3d @t 12:13 AM
Sunday, September 10, 2006
my dreams, my life, my everything

mm.. a few days no blog le.
hahax. yes. everyday is just
dance, dance and more dance.
dun say i no life. dance IS
my life.

V Pop - aww.. was looking so
forward to it. but it didn't
turn out to be as fun as last
week. It was the same song,
but Yutaki did another choreagraphy.
sadded. like they say, with
great anticipation comes great
disappointment. or something
like that.

Street Jazz - Yutaki replaced the
instructor. hahax. realised that
he makes more sound effects than
Bibi does. was laughing through
the warm-up. the steps were difficult
to remember. T.T

Friday - rested

Popping was changed to 1pm this week.
me and yixuan went for popping. omg~
when we went up, onli micheal was there.
LOL~! after a while 2 more girls came.
about 15 mins later, nick came too.

so in all, we have 5 people attending
the class, and with micheal, 6 people
in the studio. LOL~! learn the same things
- popping, glading and hand waves. nick
was really nice to teach us too. ^^

Street Jazz
OMG~! today's street jazz is the nicest
ever~! hahax. Bryan used the same song
as last week. when i heard that, nua~~~
but the choregraphy so different. This
time round, it's very nice~

I think it's the only dance I got
so much feel lo~ somemore i didnt
forget the steps. It just comes
naturally with the music~ yay~
today's street jazz rox~!

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j0tt3d @t 12:01 AM
Thursday, September 07, 2006
Our Dance Instructors 2

Continuing what we were doing

Feroze - A not so familiar
instructor to me. The first
impression I had of him was
rather scary and strict.
But it turned out that he is
rather fun and nice.

The first thing you will notice
about him is probably his muscles.
Yup~ He's a super built up guy.
So I guess we better dont mess
with him.

Li Xin - A cute and adorable
instructor we have here. Go for
her lesson only once a week, so
dont really know her that well.
But she's very nice. and dance
very well too.

The kind of girl most guys would
wanna protect. Fun loving. But
dont mess with her when she dances.
It's more than you can expect.

Emilin - A rather straight forward
person. She sometimes works at the
counter too. Caring and really nice
to be with.

Her lessons are rather fast-paced.
I can't really catch most of the time
toward the end. Likes floor moves,
I guess. 'cause that's what you can
always expect from her lessons.

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j0tt3d @t 4:33 PM
Wednesday, September 06, 2006
Our Dance Instructors~

ok~! I guess most people are
getting realli bored about what
I do everyday in studio. Let's
change the focus to something else
today - Our instructors~~

As I know, every instructor in
StudioWu has their own style and
way of teaching. Here's a few of

Bryan - the instructor we're most
familiar with. Had quite alot of
lessons by him. Specialise in Jazz.
Extremely flexible.

There are times where he will correct
students one by one. Though not often.
A great instructor who can make you
really laugh during his lessons.

Yutaki - A super stylo instructor in
StudioWu. know Jap, Korean and probably
many other languages, self-learnt.
Cool and Stylish. hahax.

His lessons are definately fun ones. He
always make lessons just like performance,
and focus on vision alot. With him, time
just flies. Look forward to his V Pop
tomorrow. Very much. XD

Micheal - a super cute guy who look just
like a little kid (that's wad others say)
Specialise in Popping and Locking.
Extrememly good in isolation.

A very nice guy who believes in having
fun in everything he do. Dance. For the
fun. Is a good instructor. Will pin point
strength and weakness of individuals.
Willing to spend more time with those
who really wanna improve.
Good luck for your driving test tomoro~

We shall continue tomoro~ hahax.

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j0tt3d @t 11:49 PM
Tuesday, September 05, 2006
Save the last dance.. for me

mm.. went for latin jazz today.
realise that our lesson mostly
is Bryan de lehx. hahax. the
moves today abit no feel. hahax.
still remember Bryan saying about
the crane and the phoenix. hahax.

He still say me wad, crouching
tiger hidden dragon. omg. i laugh
until pengx lo.

went for his mtv too. haix. the
whacking again. heng today never
whack until hand tired. cannot
realli catch the moves also. maybe
because the music abit too fast ba.

yay~ tomoro is wed le. that means
thurs is coming~ hahax. looking
forward to the tons of fun during
V Pop~ Yutaki's lesson Rox~!

tomoro - new sch hh, jazz techniques,

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j0tt3d @t 11:40 PM
Monday, September 04, 2006
My Life

shag. now den i realise i didnt
blog on sunday. hahax. was really
nua on sunday. never had breakfast.
HH still ok. but street Jazz already
wanna faint le.

hahax. somemore Bryan so near me.
stressed lehx. den kip forgeting.
Brain not working without food. LOL~

Today, went for J/K Pop. Bryan.
Dont realli remember wad he teach.
but we slack for one hour after that.
hahax. Bryan, Sheila and Michael also
there. like slacking party like that.

went for girls' HH. was quite fast wor.
somemore have floor moves de. hahax. abit
cannot catch. went downstairs and saw the
locking lesson. OMG~! there's a guy can
bend until so low and get up. Ahh. when can
i be like him~~~ T.T

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j0tt3d @t 11:29 PM
Sunday, September 03, 2006
Popping... ...Popcorns~

Yoohoo~! After one day rest,
we are back to dancing at the
studio. First was Carol's HH.
at first she did so much neck
isolation. I was so afraid that
her dance later will have alot
of neck movement. Heng dun
have lehx. hahax..

She also did a little handwave.
Hahax. make me think of the
popping lesson we're going afterwards.

Then was Str Jazz by Bryan. hahax.
today dunno why he suddenly dun
wanna count and go more to the music.
Wahx. all learn from mike ar? hahax.
and because of that, we had a rather hard
time dancing. Also realise that he like
dian xian alot. LOL~!

whahahahax. den finally is the lesson
I most looked forward to~ Popping by mike.
first lesson nehx. hahax. so happi that i
actually can pop. But cannot hand and leg
pop together lehx. must practise practise
more more. glading was tough toooo.
Din really learn alot on that. Just practise
moi popping for the time being.

Look forward to Thurday Yutaki's V Pop
and Saturday Mike's Popping~

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j0tt3d @t 2:32 AM
Friday, September 01, 2006
My previous life

Ever wondered just what are you
in the previous life? I got bored
enough to actually ponder about
this question, and I actually
come out with a rather nice story.

I was actually a caterpillar
in my previous life. Despised,
worthless and something no one
would pay attention to. I was
green and fat, eating all day
long. No one like me.

That would explain why, I was
such an introvert when I was
young. Even to the extend that
I was zi bi~ LOL~!

As everyone know, caterpillar
eats so much because they need
to turn into pupa. I was left
alone there. No one cared.
No one even bothered.

I guess that was the time where
I think alot and figured more
things than I realise I have.

The pupa matured and become a
butterfly. But I wasn't one
with colorful and attractive
wings. I was a butterfly with
dragonfly wings. Transparent,
plain and unattractive.

No one believed I was once an
ugly caterpillar. As expected,
all the insect in the forest
didn't rocognised me. But it's
strange for a butterfly to have
dragonfly's wing.

All the other butterflies came
and told me, "You have to be
more mature, like us. Have
colorful and attractive wings.
That's what a butterfly should

But I replied pruodly, "Why do I
need wings like that? I'm happy
and contented with what I have
now. I am what I am. Do not use
your expectation to limit me."

As a butterfly, I may be unattractive,
just like the way I am now. But I shall
shine in the dark, and shimmer in front
of people. For my light will reach
everyone's eyes, and they shall notice
the real me inside.

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j0tt3d @t 9:36 PM
StudioWu & Audition~

Today so happy~ My long awaited
Thursday is finally here~~
I finally can go attend my V-Pop
lesson~ So happy~

Yutaki so nice worx~ Today he used
a new song - Amuro Namie's
Something 'bout the kiss. As usual,
we did the warm up, den gathered
to read the lyric. hahax. so different
from other lesson lo.

I don't know if we were supposed to
memorise the lyric, but it's in jap.
So I just memoried the tune. hahax.
At first we went on to normal

After that, as expected from Yutaki,
he started to make the dance so MTV.
As in like real performance. We went
into groups of three, and did the same
moves with different level.(Like one high,
one low, one med)

hahax. it was so fun. The first time I rolled
on the studio dance floor. The first time
dancing isn't on my feet. LOL~!
Love Yutaki's lesson.

After that, me and onion went for Bibi's
Street Jazz. Bibi's lesson is nice too.
She makes so much sound effects. hahax.
After lesson, we went downstairs and saw
Yutaki taking Girls' Hip Hop.

OMG~! He realli like to make until like
real performance. They are in pairs and
dance together. So nice lo. Like Audition
de move like that. AH~!! Yutaki's lesson
so fun. Can't wait till next week's V Pop.
He's going to use the same song lehx. LOL~
so happi so happi~~ ^^

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j0tt3d @t 12:28 AM
Me, I && Myself

XueQi aka eRika aka GinGeR

I love to bake,
trying out to cook.
I love cookies,
learning to like making cakes.

I can be nice
or evil.
I can be hyper
or quiet.

Trying my best to always
Love what I do,
and Do what I love.

I serve Nuffnang!

hIdInG pLaCeSsS


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