Monday, July 01, 2013
Divorce Rate Peak

Just another post to kill time, and speak my mind. I just realise that this year, as of what I have noticed, break-up rate is extremely high. Not that I’m saying it like it’s a good thing (or a bad thing).

I broke up with Ben after five long years. Even now, I can still remember that look in his eyes when he said he love me. It wasn’t those of love and care, but of anger and probably hatred. I can even hear myself shouting out in my mind, this is definitely not the way I want to live the rest of my life.

Don broke off with his wife for 5 years too. I wouldn’t deny that it has something to do with me. Well, I’m the igniter after all. But after hearing to what he had to say, it just makes me think that it was a decision that should have been made long ago. And I believe that there are people who agree with me here.

Lingx broke off with her boyfriend too. She had been with this boyfriend for as long as I can remember. Well, maybe even much longer than I was married. They were even planning and saving to get married. But *Poof*, all of the sudden, he initiated the break up saying that he had someone who he fell in love with a year ago. Wow`

My sister broke up with her French boyfriend. I would really say this is one that surprised me hell lot. Well, they are just not the couple that I would expect to break up. But apparently, they did, and he even moved out before she could land home from a long flight.

The above are just a few break-ups that happened around me. Also, not to mention that I read about at least 2 celebrity couples breaking up this year. One even was as long as 9 years! (This probably shocked me more than my sister’s)

Well, I just hope that people do not stop loving each other even with all the heart-breaking events all around us. For once we so loved a person. No matter how it turn out to be in the end, I hope all of them are doing well.

= For Love is the only thing on earth that shall last forever. And More. =

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