Tuesday, August 21, 2007
Lost track of Time

People just start asking why
I haven't been updating my blog.
Well, simply because,
I seriously lost track of time.

For the last few posts,
I have been thinking real hard
about wad I did on that day.
It seems that I have been
drowning my time with Ben² everydae,
so much that it became a habit.

It's not a bad thing that I cant
remember wad I did on a particular dae.
It may just mean that I enjoy myself
so much that I cant remember.

[I just wanna be with you a little longer.]

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j0tt3d @t 10:50 AM
Thursday, August 09, 2007
It just hurts

Yay~ It's National Day~
and it's Ben²'s daddy's birthdae~!
I know I should be celebrating,
but sometimes, you just cant control how you feel.

Another dae spent with Ben² & family.
But I dont know why, being with him
would make me think of Tsuki-chan & Tsubasa-senpai very often.
A little too often.
Sometimes, it even knocks me off my feets.
It's not that I dont like being with him.

Birthdae Steamboat. We ate alot,
and I made Ben² eat alot too.
I think it's the first time I ever took care of someone.
But it's Ben² DiDi mahx.
Though nothing extraordinary happened,
just sitting together and eat is good enough.

Can a person love two persons at the same time?
Can she be with one and think of another?
Sometimes, it just hurts so much thinking.
What would it be like, if I didnt like any one of them?
What would it be like, if I didnt even know them?

I love both of them, and I mean it.
I hate to choose, to hurt, to be hurted.
But right now, there is nothing I can do
to make any one of us hurt less.
I just wanna be myself, but sometimes,
it even hurts that way...

[I love him.]
[But that doesnt mean I dont love you.]

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j0tt3d @t 3:02 PM
Wednesday, August 08, 2007
Double 8

August the 8th, the double-8 day. Rica had common test early in the morning. *yawnies~* Rica hate waking up early, so I was late by an hour and finished the paper in 40 mins. Went to Orchard with Ben², mommy, Felicia and Jeremy~! It's so fun hanging out with them. It's been less than a week, I guess, but I feel closer to them than no one else.

Then, we went for lunch & shopping & stuff before meeting Tsubasa-senpai & meimei & didi. If love is spending time together, I dont mind being in love with you forever. Even when I dont believe in forever at all. Not at all.

Met Tsubasa-senpai while mommy went to pray at temple. Arcaded till evening. Tsubasa-senpai & siblings went to eat while we homed for dinner. Honestly, I love Ben²'s family so much~! hahax. It sounds weird, but ya, it's true. XD

[If love is spending time together,]
[I dont mind being in love with you.]

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j0tt3d @t 3:02 PM
Tuesday, August 07, 2007
Simple minded Rica

Rica love things simple.
Simple is the best.
Being simple is being happie.

After Rica's common test,
lazed around Ben² and slacked.
After he did his project & things,
we went to his place for dinner
'cause popo cooked nice² things for Rica.

Rica is being loved by everyone around her.
Be it the simple way, or the not-too-simple ways.

Rica even got to see Ben²'s childhood pictures~!!
LOL! I shall not talk too much about that,
just in case someone say I'll blackmail him.

[Love is when you dont wanna sleep]
[Because reality is better than dream.]

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j0tt3d @t 3:02 PM
Monday, August 06, 2007
Rica loves beaches

Ben² family are so much fun~! We actually went to Changi Beach Park todae~! It was quiet, peaceful, nice, without alot of people. Well, I like places without crowds. We even picniced there~! Have egg sandwiches and BeeHoon. Yum Yum~!

Ben²~! Tell them I love them alot. XD
You know I really do.


I've got a test tomorrow.
[And, I dont even know how the textbook looks like.]

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j0tt3d @t 11:46 PM
Sunday, August 05, 2007
Keep me simple

I dont like things getting complicated,
but sometimes, things just have to be complicated.

Slept for a few hours and was woken up by Ben².
He was so worried that I'll die at home,
that he waited outside my place for at least a few hours.
Tsubasa senpai was as worried too. But I'm okay~!

Slacked, ate, slacked more.
Went out for tibits party preparation,
then was supper session with Tsubasa senpai and Thomas.
Walked alot before reaching the place they wanted.
Ate and laughed like crazy.
Well, I'm always crazy.
But I laughed so hard that it hurts alot.
*ouch ouch*


I wanna keep things as simple as possible.
[I'll take the easy way out.]

Girls just wanna have fun.
[Well, I wanna have fun too.]

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j0tt3d @t 11:46 PM
Saturday, August 04, 2007
I'm okay. Just alittle cold and alittle pain

I didnt sleep at all last night. AT ALL. Talked to Ben² the whole night, staying so awake throughout. Something is wrong with me. I just dunnoe wad. Breakfast at Mac~! YUMMY~! But I didnt finish my beloved muffin. T_T *stitches*

JMD-ed at 10. It's weird that I dont feel VERY sleepy, or just fall asleep. Break-ed at 11++; Singing session *stitches again* This time, I turned cold. So instead of eating, I fell asleep. I woke up warm, but turned cold again.

Running session. I was shivering everytime the wind blew at me, but I managed to finish running~! *3 cheersss~* Right after Natsu Practice, stitches came back again. *ouch ouch ouch* This time, it was so bad that I perpired very badly, and scroched in a corner in the shower room.

[I wont admit I'm sick, cause I'm not. I'm just a little colder than usual, and my tummy hurts.]

A³ BBQ. I missed Ben². ok. I know it's weird to say that, but ya, I missed him, & Tsubasa-senpai too. Ate, scrolled around along. Took a longer walk with Ben². Stitches came soon after. *faint* Cold-ed, perpired, pain-ed. Homed after awhile.

[I would call that happiness. Even when it hurts.]

Thoughts of the Day

I have been cherishing my time alot.
[I didnt waste them on sleeping.]

I dont mind getting sick once in a while.
[When people around you care.]
(But it still hurts)

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j0tt3d @t 11:46 PM
Friday, August 03, 2007
August the 3rd

August the 3rd. A self-declared special day
by me and Ben². It's a day where you show your loved ones
how much you actually love them. Sent-presents-ed.
Anyway, it's just a special day. XD

Bugis-ed with Tsubasa-senpai,Hoshi-chan and Ben².
Met Ben² mommy, meimei & didi.
Went to arcade together. I can just say
all of them can sooooo cute~!
They went for dinner while we
stayed for some more games. ^-^

Mos-Burgered. Mos Burger can never be
any more fun than this. I was laughing all along,
while Tsubasa-senpai jumped around.
Well, it's something not easy to explain in words,
or rather, I dont really wanna explain it. hahax.
Just remember it, and laugh.

JK-ed. I walked to JK with Ben²,
just because I wanted to walk. Bought something at 7-11, just because not
buying something after walking so far is weird. Sat outside of 7-11 chatting,
just because I feel like staying longer.
I know I'm weird, but I've got weirder frenx.

Today's Special

Hanging out with Tsubasa-senpai and Ben² is the best thing to do.
[I'll be laughing & giggling & stumbling & crazy-ing & ...]

I walked home with Ben² again.
[I think I'm addicted to long walks.]

Talking to Ben² can be everlasting.
[It's just weird how much words can flow.]

I like Tsubasa-senpai and Ben² all the same.
[I'll be happy enough staying this way.]

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j0tt3d @t 11:46 PM
Thursday, August 02, 2007
Waiting for my Cinderella moment

I skipped class again, and seriously, I dont like myself skipping lesson like no one's business. So I decided to do alot of things at home to make it up. Though I think it wont really help. I still did lots of housework.

After that, Little Rica went to Dhoby with Ben² & Tsubasa-senpai.(I think I need to think of a short name for him.) By bus~! Yay~! Rica LOVES long bus ride. Alone or with accompany (depends on wad company I have too.).

Arcaded till 1030. Guitar freak spoilt, but Rica still had fun with other games. I wanna try the percussion thing again~! Maybe I can try learning the drumset too~

Mos Burger-ed. Though I just get a large milk tea, ate weird curry puff with potato UNSKINNED. *sick* Tsubasa went back by train, while me and Ben² took bus back. Long long long trip. ^^ Bloated from the milk tea; giddy from the bus trip; cold from the air con.

Sengkang-ed. Walk home as usual, and Ben² took his bicycle out. Talked to Tsubasa on phone on the way, and both of us actually walked to Jalan Kayu~! hahax. Thanks Ben²~! I just wanted to take a long walk.

Homed at 4am. I may be crazy at times, but I always thank people around me for being crazy with me.


I am not as popular as you think I am.
[Even when people say they like me.]

Somehow I think I'm afraid to love;
[afraid to lose; afraid to be lost again;]

I dont mind people spelling my name with a k.
[But I like to emphasize on the R. eRica. eRika]

I want to be as close as possible.
[Yet he's avoiding; I lack courage.]

Long walks are good for health.
[Not to mention the nice breeze; trees; grass;]

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j0tt3d @t 12:55 AM
Wednesday, August 01, 2007

I'm hurted. I dont wanna lie to myself.
I dont wanna pretend that I dont care.
But at the same time, I wanna be
the always-hyper-cheerful-crazy eRica.

Thanks alot to my beloved Didi Ben²
for being by my side; supporting me;
and caring so much~!! Big hugs and kisses
for ya. (But I think you'll reject them. XD)

I will be fine soon~! For those who actually
care and worry about me. Be prepared to
be annoyed by the always-hyper-cheerful-crazy eRica.


I think somehow I can understand how he's feeling.
[He needs more time to sort out his feelings.]

Please take note that 'cheapskate' is not a nice name.
[And I freaking got irritated by it todae. Just todae.]

Sometimes, I just wish that someone would hold me close.
[Yet I think I'm not ready for relationship.]

Food never fails to cheer me up.
[That's why I love them so.]

Dont make me fall for you,
when you cant return that love back to me.


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j0tt3d @t 12:43 AM
Me, I && Myself

XueQi aka eRika aka GinGeR

I love to bake,
trying out to cook.
I love cookies,
learning to like making cakes.

I can be nice
or evil.
I can be hyper
or quiet.

Trying my best to always
Love what I do,
and Do what I love.

I serve Nuffnang!

hIdInG pLaCeSsS


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