Friday, December 30, 2016
Yellow is the new Pink II - Pompompurin Cafe Singapore

Woohoo~ As we are counting down to the new year, let's reminisce on the great things that happened as well.

Some weeks back, we decided to head for Pompompurin Cafe! Can you believe that we didn't have a clue that they have an outlet here in Singapore? Until we saw one in HongKong and decided to ask my best friend, Google, about it. Anyway we didn't go for the one in Hongkong as they ran out of the souvenir cups at that time.

Even the entrance is so cute and adorable! Anyway, while we were heading up on the escalator, there was this couple right behind us. Probably because I stopped at the Pompompurin Goods Display on the way up, they figured we were heading for the cafe. So they rushed in to the queue even though they were behind us on the escalator.

I already had a hunch that they were probably heading the same place as I was, so it didn't really bother me. Since everyone just wanna have a nice time there and two persons won't make much of a difference on the waiting time too. So I entertained myself with ordering, I mean requesting, the husband to take lots of pictures around. The promotion stand, the menu and even the wall. Hahaha.

The queue wasn't bad at all. We got in after like 20 or 30 minutes of waiting. The interior was crazy cute too. Chairs, lights, walls and everything with Pompompurin. They also have this Friends House which looks really cozy for an introvert person like me, but we didn't get to sit there. Oh, did I mention the dirty Pompompurin plush sitting next to me? xD

Food was really yummy-yummy! I didnt really expect the food to be good actually. But the Mentaiko Pasta on the seasonal menu was fantastic! The rice was cute, but not that nice though. The dessert, Pancake Tower, was sweeeeeeeet. I was still complaining on how MUCH syrup they gave (in the Pompompurin cup). But it was really sweet and everything turned out great. *nomnomnom*

 We had such a great feast that we even cracked open Pompompurin's head and ate its brain.

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