Friday, November 18, 2016
One Mountain Still Got One Mountain High

The fact that there are always something new to learn, and that every problem you face is actually the path that leads you to the doorway of learning, never fails to amaze me. I have this problem with my gold metallic ink pad since forever. It never seem to dry and is easily rubbed off with your finger. (Not to mention that the seller ignored my note, and sent me 3 of the same color when I requested for 3 different.)

So I never get to use the cute lovely rubber stamps I have. I did have some weird ideas to hasten the drying time, like blow drying with a hair dryer, or maybe cover it with a layer of hot glue (which would probably a layer of ugly glue). But those ideas were not tried out.

One fine day, I decided I shall consult my best friend, Google, before doing anything too hastily.

It is always reassuring to know that there are many people out there that experienced the same problem. And with much digging and clicking, I found this.

This is the MOST Beautiful thing I have ever seen.
Please visit the site here.

It doesn't just solve my problem, but totally bring it up to a different level! I simply can't wait to get some of those powder now, and start those experiments right now! (Though I'm not exactly planning to get the heat gun or any special watermark ink yet. Will probably be heating over my oven or something. But still, I'm So EXCITED~~)

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