Wednesday, October 01, 2014
4 weeks with Baby Yuuki

As I mentioned in the previous post,
since ms tooth left Bishan this July end,
we have been taking care of Baby Yuuki.
I must say other than his stubborn cries sometimes,
there hasnt been any major difficulties so far.

Since the very first time we took care of him,
(which was the second time ms tooth said that
she doesnt want the child because from her point of view,
His mother feels that she cannot take good care of the child.
And yes, she ran away from Bishan at that time too.)
I realise that he was trained to cry for everything and anything he wants.
Especially when asking to be carried.
(It may be kinda unbelievable for him to be crying for me
the first time I took care of him, isn't it?)

Anyway, I have been teaching him not to cry to express demand
since that first time. Now, I guess I can proudly say that
he doesnt cry as much, or even doesnt cry at all at times,
when asking me for things. Not to mention that I actually
managed to teach him a couple of signs within 3 weeks.

Also, recently he has been trying hard to start talking.
I can't help but think, it's probably because we have been
talking to him alot (more than what he used to be exposed to).
But still, it may just be the time he decided to start speaking up.
His mother noticed it too, after taking care of him for a weekend
which we were totally busy.

I must say, the thing that I miss the most so far
is the lazy weekend where we can get endless snooze-in,
and get up only when we feel like it.
After one eventful weekend, the following
Monday morning was really a drag.
But the good thing that happened was that
Baby Yuuki actually watched us leave and
didnt cry at all even though he wanted us to carry him.

But since the final decision and judgement has not
been passed down yet. It's really difficult to forecast
what our lives will be like from then on.
We'll just hope the best and prepare for the worst.
Even though so often, we do not know what's best and what's not.

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