Thursday, June 26, 2014
Adopting a little one

~Came across this article a while back~
There is really no need for any article to prove that
keeping a pet has all the benefits. I can think of
so many other benefits not listed in that article.

I guess I'm seriously considering to adopt a nice little dog,
even though I have so much going on.
But still, there's so much to consider about,
and the decision will only be made if I can be sure
I would have enough time for it.

I can never express how much I love my previous dog.
Even though I wasnt with her all the way to the end,
since I got married, moved out and all,
she was always there.

To greet me at the door.
To cuddle up in front of the TV.
To peek through the toilet door while I'm inside.

Even with all the ups and downs I've gone through,
my family was the only people who never judge,
and she was part of that family.

I still greet her every time I visit my mom.
Just like how she would rush to the door with those tiny paws.
I dont think she can ever be replaced.
But yet, I would love to provide for another fur buddy.

Of course, the decision will be on whether
there will be enough time (and also money) for it.
If these work out, be prepared to see my fur buddy
running around in my living room. =D

~In Memories of Shasha~

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Me, I && Myself

XueQi aka eRika aka GinGeR

I love to bake,
trying out to cook.
I love cookies,
learning to like making cakes.

I can be nice
or evil.
I can be hyper
or quiet.

Trying my best to always
Love what I do,
and Do what I love.

I serve Nuffnang!

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