Monday, June 24, 2013
Hey Haze!

Hazy Hazy Haze Haze. How are you people breathing these few days? With the haze covering our sky here in Singapore, try to stay indoors as much as possible~ Even I’m here to sweep the dust up! =D

I can actually say that I am not very much affected by the haze, since I stay indoors most of the time.  I actually like the sun hiding behind the haze, giving out a red, and almost pink, beautiful view. Not to mention the dreamy effect the haze gives to the view from my living room. xD

But of course, the haze is not a good thing to have. Not only will it affect the health of the people, (my mom had sore eyes, irritated nose and even headache, even though she hid herself at home in air-con room) it also harm us as a country.

With the haze, lesser tourists will visit us. Who would wanna come here and eat the dust now? I believe even locals will avoid going outside, to shop or dine. Who still have the mood to shop when you’re coughing and choking on the dust or even ashes?

But right now with the start of a new week, the air here in Singapore freshened up too. So far, PSI has been below 100 the whole day~ Yay~ But since there are reports saying that the haze may come back anytime, maybe even worse, let’s enjoy the fresh air while we can now!
=For it is not wise to take anything for granted.=

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