Monday, August 02, 2010
Pre Seventh Month

Since last tuesday when I talked about the supernatural incident that occurred
near my place, lunch break became a mini ghost stories session. With the Chinese 7th month starting in about a week's time, it would be nice to share~

Facts (or maybe fiction):

1. Do not carry anything that makes jingling sounds as you walk (eg. hanging keys, bell accessories). Even whistling counts.

Reason: Supernatural beings are attracted to these sounds and may just follow you all the way home.

2. Supernatural beings love to sit in conversations, talks, lectures, or whatever about themsevles.

(They may be just beside you as you're reading this.)

3. You will feel extra crowded when you are taking the lift ALONE.

I do not need to explain on that, but it was just one of the jokes I always made about the 7th month.

4. Supernatural being are always with us.

Yes, even on every other months. Just that the 7th month will be a little overcrowded than it should be.

5. Do not move bibles, scriptures, or any type of religious text in your hotel room.

It's best that you do not touch it all together. Flipping the pages is forbidden too. If it's open, dont close it. If it's closed, dont open it. Just dont TOUCH it.

Stories (Some are first hand experience~):

Anny: She was at Malaysia, I think, on a road which is famous for all the supernatural accidents that happened there. There were 4 people in the car, the driver, front passenger, and 2 back passenger. They were turning around the corner really fast (I do not understand why they did so when they already knew that road is known for those accidents.) and suddenly, the car started turning in circles.

The car hitted the divider and left a dent on the door. Other than that, there were no other damages. All the windows were fine. Just after they recovered from the accident, they realised one of their friends in the back seat were MISSING.

Which is IMPOSSIBLE to happen. Since they locked all the doors, the windows were all intact, the only damage they have was the dented door. But they realised a little round hole at the back windscreen. Let's say just enough for a hand to reach in. But there were no cracks around the hole. Just a perfect circle.

Of course, they got down and shouted for their friend. Looked everywhere but couldn't find him. Just when they thought that he might had fallen off the cliff and were ready to call for the police, they heard their friend calling out weakly.

He was just under the divider, unable to move. They quickly helped him up and saw that his shirt was stained in red around his chest and tummy area. The amulet he wear around his neck smudged. Knowing that something is very wrong, they helped him into the car and quicky drove away.

After which, they visited a temple and the master told them that the amulet actually protected him. (Not to be disrespectful, but I dont need to be a master to be able to tell that the amulet actually protected him lo.)

Anny: A story from a chinese ghost book. I believe the story happened in Malaysia, with lots of trees and mountains and wulu wulu roads. This couple were driving along one of the wulu wulu road and their car broke down(So typical story). So the husband told his wife, who was heavily pregnant, that he would go down and fix the car. Once he got down, she was to lock all the doors and NOT open to anyone except to him.

So the husband went to fix the car, and with the engine cover opened, the wife could not see a thing his husband was doing. Not long after which, a police car came from the opposite direction, went past them a little, and reversed back to them.

Two policemen got down the car and had their guns pointed at the top of the car. The wife was puzzled from the scene. the police told her to open the door, follow them and not look back. Since it's police, she opened and obeyed what they told her to.

After bringing her to the station, the policemen told her that they saw this green long hair monster feeding on her husband's brain on top of the car. They then sent more men to the scene, but they couldn't find the body. All that was left was the car. (FICTION, I would say.)

Jensen: During his poly time (at Ngee Ann Poly), he once attended this talk about Buddist. The speaker was talking about reincarnation, karma and all. He was sitting right in front of the whiteboard as he speaked. Out of nowhere, Jensen saw this white figure of a person. Face was blurred, or even without a face, standing right behind the speaker.

He told the friend next to him, but that friend did not see anything. So he dismissed it and after a while, the figure was gone. Over lunch, the topic was brought up again. Jensen's girlfriend actually saw the same thing at the same place too. But she told the other friend instead, who also didnt see anything. But the figure were so clear and both of them saw it about the same time, at the same position.

Jensen: He has been experiencing the "ghost lying on top" of him very often. He was talking about one of the experiences in which the ghost was on him, and he couldnt move at all. But he could feel the ghost's long hair sweeping across his face over and over again. Can you imagine that someone who got ghost on him was actually thinking, "Can you please tidy your hair? It's tickling me." (LOL! I laughed so hard at this one!)

eRica: This is the story that started the whole supernatural conversation. One night, after my smelly tofu spree with Pepper and all, the family managed to finish most of it and threw the rubbish out rather late. Alice came back saying that she felt a chill and someone following her behind once she turned around the corner. She even smelled flower scent at #14-14.

According to Felicia, they always hear cats meowing at the exact same time every night. 3.08am on her own mobile.

eRica: Another one I told was what I heard in the family. My fatherinlaw was in the army that time and he did not believe anything supernatural. I believe he was sleeping a room on his own and someone told him NEVER sleep directly under the fan. One day, it was so super hot and he did not bother about anything, dragged his bed right beneath the fan and slept on top of the top deck.

Well, you know what happen next. He was shocked awake by the pressure on him, making him unable to move, and he saw the fan dropping low right at his face. I guess someone came in and everything was back to normal.

Common: This is a common story the three of us had heard but a little different version I guess.

Jensen and I: Army training. There was this guy who was feeling sick and wanted to opt out of the march. But he was asked to join as it seemed to be nothing very serious to the officer. So he did, but the troop already did their head count, and he was not counted in.

They marched on. Before they could reach the second check point, he was feeling so sick that he could not move on. He told his friend to go on without him and he would catch with them soon. So they reached the second and the third checkpoint. But the guy did not came back. The friend got worried and reported the matter to his officer.

Everything went crazy from there. The march was cancelled, everyone was to search for this missing guy. But nothing was found. For a few days, they searched. Nothing.

After which, his organs and all were found laid nicely under a tree.

Anny's version was that he was part of the march, and he went back alone because he was sick. When the troop went back, the guy was nowhere to be found. After a few days, they found his organs laid nicely in his cabinet.

Mino: He used to be in this school somewhere I would call an isolated island. As he described it, not much people stayed there; they have to cross 3 long bridges before they can reach the island; there are quite alot of forested area.

One day during assembly, a few of the girls suddenly fainted at the same time. Well, of course people went up and help wake them up. Eventually they did, but struggling like crazy. All of them were very desperate to get to a well, just outside the school. Somehow they managed to get help, and people were chanting at the well until the girls 'woke' up.

Mino even said that the principle once told them that there was once where he was going back to school in the late evening. He was riding on his motorcycle along the brigde, where he saw a lady in long white dress with long hair(Typically hantu appearance). He actually wanted to stop and ask if she needed a ride. But thinking about it, something doesnt seem right so he actually sped up all the way. (I dont think that lady needed him to stop for a ride, be it supernatural or not.)

Mino: He know this devoted Christian maybe-priest-or-helper that has lots of supernatural experiences to share. One of them speaks of this man who had been praying to this non-Christian God, who promised him wealth if he would return his favor one day. I believe this God blessed him with wealth for a few years before asking him to pay back with his unborn son.

Of course he refused. So this God possessed someone (was his father or whoever ba~),
went straight to his house and wanted to grab the baby for himself. People tried to stop him but he was very strong. This God even tried to negociate, saying that if he's willing to give up his son, He can give him as many Mencedes he wanted instantly.

In the end, they started praying/chanting for the Christian God's help. Eventually He went away, and they tried to ask the man to believe in the Christian God so that He will not be back anymore.

Mino: Another one was about this girl who often go to church. She had this twin sister whom she told no one about, but one day, everyone realised that her voice changed and she was talking about weird things, like how her stepfather raped her, how things are bad in life, and how she died.

Eventually she led the church people to the beach where she died. As she spoke, she got more agitated and angry. She even said she wanted to bring her sister along with her, and pointed a knife at herself. They stopped her, and started the praying thing.
The girl woke up, not remembering anything. (So damn cool to have a evil twin sister)

Hope you enjoy this super long post about the supernatural around us~ All the time

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