Monday, June 07, 2010

Daven is down with HFMD! *shocking face*
Ok. Maybe not so shocked after all.
Since he goes out all the time everyday.
I would say that I feel the helplessness
in all parents when their child fell sick.
But on top of that, I have this mixture
feeling of helplessness, frustration,
anger, and indifferent

I just do not want to be part of this
mess, agrument, anxiety, insanity and
have no power to be in control of it.

By the way, the hospital trip yesterday
cleared the myth that I was made to believe
for so many, many years. So I really wanna
share it with everyone I know.

High fever is NOT the
cause of brain damage.

I believe that a lot of us actually
believe otherwise. But the doctor from
KKH yesterday commented about Daven's fever,
which once hit 39.0 degree C.

"Rest assured it won't damage the brain."

I can feel that everyone in the room was
going huhhhh~ in their mind, including me.
"But what about ...?" There will always be
someone who must express in excessive words.

"It's even written in our booklet." He continued,
handing us the leaflet. "In those cases where the
patients suffered brain damaged after high fever
is because the virus attacked their brain directly.
Not the high fever that caused it."

I went like Ooohhh~, in my mind of course.

"In Daven's case, the virus is only affecting
the hands, legs and mouth. It wont affect the
brain at all." the doctor assured us once more.

But of course, we would still wanna keep his
fever down, since it will cause him discomfort.

With no specific medication for HFMD, Daven
has to be monitored for his fluid intake and
activity level in order to clear the virus.

= I need Ommmmmm... =

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