Saturday, October 17, 2009
Good and Bad news

eRica: Eh, I got one good news and one bad news for you.
BenBen: What? Say bad news first.
(I didnt get to hear him clearly since he's riding bicycle and I was behind him)
eRica: Ehhh~ Good news is I found a job liaox.
BenBen: =.= Then bad news is you havent quit lahx.
eRica: *amazed* Wahx~ How you know?
BenBen: Aiya, tell you to say bad news first lo.
Then I cannot guess the good news mahx.

Hahax. I think it was so comical lo. But I'm not sure how I should feel about this. I sms-ed my boss a couple of days ago, saying that I may only be able to work till end of this month, because something happened at home. Of course, I was lying. Also earlier this week, one of my colleagues, PeiWen, resigned.

The next day, after I sms-ed my resignation, Auntie Boss didnt ask if I know PeiWen was quitting. Even if she did, I would pretend that I know nothing about it. She just asked alot of craps like, did something really happened at home? Or was it something at work that's the problem?

But that's not the point. Later that night, Auntie Boss called PeiWen to the back for a talk, I think. Then I was next. She told me it would be best if I continued working, and that she would not take it that I've resigned, and ya-dah ya-dah ya-dah.

It was when I talked to Peiwen, that I realised she told the exact same thing to her too~! Honestly, I'm not sure if I'm upset about not resigning, or happy that I dont have to job hunt again. Let's just see how things go from here. (Ya, that's what I always say. Haix~)

PS: And Yes, I will definitely be uploading those pictures from the ancient past, my birthday treats and Bro & Ting's ROM SOON~ Real SOON. I mean it. *finger-crossed*

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