Thursday, June 04, 2009
Grow wiser with Customer Service

What does Customer Service really mean? Once, Ben actually asked me that, and I told him it's probably how well you can tolerate when a customer is trying every way to spoil your mood. But he told me it's just selling a product that the customer is satisfied with.

Either way, I think working in the customer service line makes me grow wisdom everyday. (That's why my wisdom tooth is coming out soon. =.=)

That day, I went to Macdonald during my lunch break. It was flooded with people, most probably because of the lunch hours and the Coke Glass. It's quite fun seeing the staffs trying hard to serve their customers.

I would smile seeing them trying to get my order correctly. I would laugh seeing them getting irritated by my special request.

I'm starting to realise that getting upset because something someone did is really stupid. Especially during work. There is absolutely no reason to be upset over something a customer did.

I mean, it's totally not worth spoiling your own mood for that kind of people, if you know what I mean. Recently, I realised I start telling my collegues, "I saw this weird idiot who blah blah blah... Lolx!" instead of "Can you believe what that customer just asked me to do? WTF!"

Next time you see me working, I will most probably be humming my favorite song and enjoying my customers' every stupid move. Lolx.

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