Monday, June 15, 2009
Curry Day

It was so long ago that I saw L and Hoshi's japanese curry from their blog. I've wanted to try making myself since then. But somehow, it takes really longer for me to actually finally decide on getting something done.

Rica announced. Today shall be Japanese Curry Day! I even went to check the price and type of products at different places, like a few days ago. Meaning, thursday go here to see the price of vege. Friday go there and see the price of curry. It took me about a week before the big day comes.

*cheers* Rica finally got her ingredients. Thanks to some of the grab-and-go traits I've learnt from Ben. We are going to need some meat, onions, carrots and potatoes for this curry.

I even bought some Japanese short grained rice. I actually wanted to make sushi with it another day. But I guess that day will come in another week or so.

Now, now. It's time to cut our ingredients into small cubes. Just anyhow cut them into small small!

I think my ingredients are a little too much. But more is better! Haha.

I really love potatoes. So I actually added more. Ya, I mean MORE. Lolx.

I've bought the kind of cubed meat, so it saved me the trouble of cutting it. Cutting meat is quite a chore.

Alright! Now we have the ingredients ready. It's time to cook!

Well, things got alittle crazy, but still I managed to get to this stage. Basically, you just stir fry all the ingredients and you add water after that.

Then, add in the curry cubes into the stew, and the curry is done. It looks kinda yucky after leaving it for a while. But it's really nice.

And I am the kind of person who like to flood my bowl with curry. Just like I'm drinking it. Why not? Curry's so nice! Haha.

I should really buy and stock up lots of curry at home so I can drink them anytime. Lolx. Have a yummy day!

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