Saturday, April 11, 2009
Muffins Day~!

Before I start my post,
I shall link someone back the same way she did!
Must visit her blog ok~?

Everybody love muffins day~!
Last Thursday night was eRica's
self-declared muffins day!

First you will need the following:
250g butter
250g caster sugar
250ml UHT milk
4 eggs
400g plain flour
20g baking powder
a little vanilla essence

Step 1 : Cream butter, sugar and vanilla till light and creamy.

Butter. Soften it a little
so it's easier to cream.

Add in sugar

And vanilla.
I added a little more
because it smell so nice~

Cream until light and fluffy.

Step 2 : Add milk little at a time.

UHT Milk

This is what happens when you add
too much at a time.

Step 3 :Blend in eggs.

I'm not sure if it's supposed to
look like this. But I'm sure it will
look better after adding the flour.

Step 4 : Sieve in flour and baking powder.

Look like snow mountain right? XD

Mix well, and it should look like this.

You can add in different ingredients depending
on what kind of muffins you want. For my case,
I separate the batter into 2 bowls to make
chocolate and vanilla muffins.

Spoon into muffin pans and add some
chocolate chips for a extra touch.
Now, it's ready to be baked.

The end products~!
I cannot tell you how "nice"
it tasted because I didnt get
to eat any. It somehow disappear.

L said that it's quite difficult to
figure the size of the cakes I made
the other time. It's about the size
of the small plate you put your sauces~

You can always experiment on the flavour.
I added some green tea powder.

The 2 muffins on the left is greentea~!

I reserved one for myself, and that's
the only one I ate out of the 20 I made.
I can just say it taste DElicious~!
I just love green tea cakes~!

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j0tt3d @t 1:12 PM
Me, I && Myself

XueQi aka eRika aka GinGeR

I love to bake,
trying out to cook.
I love cookies,
learning to like making cakes.

I can be nice
or evil.
I can be hyper
or quiet.

Trying my best to always
Love what I do,
and Do what I love.

I serve Nuffnang!

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