Tuesday, April 07, 2009
Excuse me. There's a cockroach there.

One fine day, during my lunch break,
I went to MacDonald for my usual
DoubleCheese Burger with Mayo.
I settled in this small corner
by the wall and started munching
away while playing Patapon 2 with
the other hand. It's the art of
playing PSP and eating at the same time.

I was happily eating and playing
until I noticed this small black dot on the wall.

I was thinking to myself
WTH is that?
I looked closer, and..
OMG! Cockroach!

I was alittle startled.
What if it crawl onto my
food/table/PSP/whatever la.
But it didnt move an inch.
Then I realised it's sealed
inside the wall like a specimen!

I was kinda relieved.
I even wanted to touch it
to see whether it's really
IN the wall, and not on the wall.
Hahax. Of course I didnt lahx!
What if it just crawl or fly away
when I touch it? Yucks!

After a while, I went back to
munching and playing. Then there was
this school girl with her group of
friends just next to my table.
She went, "Excuse me."


"EXCUSE me~"

*munch munch* who shout so loud?


This time, I turned to her.
"There's cockroach over there"
She pointed to the wall.

eRica "Ya. But I think it's inside the wall"

Hahax. She's like so cute lahx~
But I guess that's really some
new ways of keeping specimens.

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j0tt3d @t 12:53 PM
Me, I && Myself

XueQi aka eRika aka GinGeR

I love to bake,
trying out to cook.
I love cookies,
learning to like making cakes.

I can be nice
or evil.
I can be hyper
or quiet.

Trying my best to always
Love what I do,
and Do what I love.

I serve Nuffnang!

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