Saturday, March 14, 2009
The kind of workplace you wouldnt wanna have

I dont really know how to place it. But everything in my workplace will make you question, "Why is it like that?" I'm not talking about the way the people work around here, but the way they treat their staffs. It always makes me roll my eyes.

I have been working at Compasspoint Prima Deli for the last two months, but I wouldnt say I'm the newest staff there. This Malaysian girl, PeiWen, joined us after a few days I did. It really puzzles me how different we are being treated.

I joined them as a part timer because I do not want to commit too much of my time working. PeiWen started out as a full timer. Having worked in a confectionary before, I got a hang of the work very quickly. I can take cake orders, be cashier, and handle the waffle counter.

But PeiWen, being a much quieter and shy person, she learnt, or maybe express, things in a much slower pace. I guess, that is when the bad first impression came about.

PeiWen always get yelled at the slightest mistake you make. Well, by Auntie Boss that is. The culprit who has been behind all those biased storyline she created herself. She's really one of the weirdest weirdo I know.

I've actually tried doing something Auntie Boss told PeiWen not to, wanting to know how different both of us are treated.

Example: During Stock-taking.

Peiwen got yelled at for bringing the delivered cakes to the fridge one at a time. Auntie Boss was going like, "Cant you write all the cakes' name on the box, and bring them into fridge together!?"

But I have a tendency to do that too. One day, Auntie Boss happened to be there when I was bringing in the cakes one at a time. She was saying like, "You can try writing the cakes' name a few at a time, and bring them to the fridge together. It's faster that way."

I was like, WOW. How come she wasnt using that tone when PeiWen did the same thing?

Well, there are so many other things that make that place uncomfortable. For both employers and employees. I wonder how long that place is going to last.

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