Friday, October 03, 2008

Frustration - a negative feeling that can occur to anyone, but I think it happens to pregnant women and women under confinement.

It's not even a week since Daven came home. I guess tension has been building up since Day 1. Benben Mommy took care of almost everything, and we tried to help as much as we could. It's not easy taking care of a newborn. He's so soft and fragile~!

And since Benben Mommy is in charge of everything, there are times she need to go out to get groceries. These are the times we're on our own. For that few hours, we would try our best to meet his needs. But there is always one voice that discourages everything and last whole day long.

Eg 1: Mommy went out. I guess it was during the first few days, cause I was resting the whole day. Benben took care of Daven during Mommy's absence. Ahma was at home, just sitting around in silence as usual (She doesnt really say much when Mommy is not around).

But when Mommy came back, the nagging started. I keep hearing Ahma saying dont know how to take care of Daven, keep letting him cry, kinda thing. Most probably was referring to Benben and maybe me too. That lasted the whole day.

Hearing things like that once is already uncomfortable. Hearing it whole day long is really frustrating. Furthermore, I dont think it's really true, and she didnt even help.

Eg 1.5: I still remember there was once Daven cried in his sleep, and everyone went rushing to him. While Mommy was carrying him, Ahma told her that Daven is such a lucky baby. Once cry, there's someone to carry him. Her son(Benben Papa) didnt even have that.

I was then thinking if her son did not get enough care and comfort, it was probably her fault. She's the mother, isn't she?

Eg 2: Mommy went to the market with Ahma & Felicia. Just before they came back, Daven pooped alittle in his diaper. So Benben wanted to change him, but he pooped more and poop was everywhere (this actually happens often. We laughed about it alot of times). Then Benben rushed him to the toilet (cause Mommy has been potty training him there).

Ok. The easier way to place it is things were really messy when they came back. And so came the nagging. Benben cant really stand all those they-think-they-know-it-all people nagging. I guess including Mommy sometime.

Let's just say that he exploded that day. It wasnt anyone's fault, to me.

Eg 3(added on): Gary, his girlfriend, Timothy came with their 2 laptops for mapling. My mother, sister, brother & his girlfriend came in the afternoon too. I guess seeing so many people makes Ahma feel uncomfortable so she went sleeping.

I went to bed quite early since it was a tiring day for me. Halfway through my sleep, I heard conflicts outside. Not really clear, but I heard Felicia shouting, that would scare the baby.

The next day, I found out that Ahma went crazy again. After going to the toilet, she accused Gary of peeing around the toilet bowl, making her have to use a dirty toilet bowl. Well, the fact was, the toilet bowl was wet with water. Since Daven just pooped at the toilet bowl, and Gary & his girlfriend took turn to bathe after that, they washed the bowl with water.

She also said that putting my expressed milk in the fridge,and feeding it to Daven after warming up makes him have diarrhea. Well, my mother also prefer direct breastfeeding. But it would probably tire me out, since I will have to stand by 24/7.

Well, later in the day, she commented about alot other things too. Scolding, cursing about everyone, everything. But once again, it's not the first time. This happens almost about once a month. Before I'm married or after I'm married, Before I'm pregnant or after I'm pregnant, Before I give birth or after I give birth. BLAH!

Let's just say that the ones who shouldnt be blowing their top are going crazy. The one who is really stressed out is the one who care too much. Frustrated? Blogger is the solution. HAHA!

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