Sunday, September 28, 2008
Then The Big Day Came

38 weeks

I was going through my day as usual, but actually feel tired while mapling around midnight. I thought it was unusual but didnt pay much attention to it.

If I remember correctly, I had a strain in the tummy while trying to sleep. I even told Daven not to come out so soon. At least be an October baby if he cant wait till the 10th.

38 weeks 1 day

I woke up to the stomachache in the middle of the night. Thought I had a bad stomach and wanted to head for toilet. Saw light under the door and knew that BenBen Daddy was preparing for work. Went back to sleep. Estimated Time : 5 plus am.

Woke up to the same stomachache. Went to the toilet and had a slight diarrhea. Estimated Time : 6 or 7 plus am. Went back to sleep...

Had another diarrhea at Estimated Time : 9 plus am. Think I saw blood on the paper, but wasnt really sure. Thought to myself, it might be today.

Went back to bed, and the stomachache became like cramps. The pain is short, but with quite long interval, I think, cause I would go back to sleep before waking up to the next pain.

I woke BenBen up with each pain too. But the pain is really short that he didnt really think is serious. UNTIL the interval became shorter and more regular. He woke everyone else up at Estimated Time 10:30am, informing about the pain.

I was told to check how long the interval was, while others prepared breakfast. Went for the third diarrhea and had half a egg mayo sandwich before the pain became stronger.

Went for shower and prepared to head to the hospital. And ya, I was bleeding slightly. Calls for taxi were not easy since it was raining. But still managed to get one in time.

The pain was getting a little unbearable each time. Reached KK Hospital at about 1230pm. Was pushed straight to the Delivery Suite. The staff did whatever they did, and seriously I didnt really care what they were doing.

I only know that I was 8 cm. But in order to deliver, I have to be 10, which would probably have to be in about one or two hours' time. In the meantime, I would have to use the gas to bear with the pain.

But honestly, the gas wasnt helping alot. The pain and pressure kept making me wanting to push. I dunnoe how long but eventually, my water bag burst. I think I was pushing hard after that. Before my doctor came, Daven's head could already be seen.

I guess the nurse was really stressed. Luckily for her, my doctor came just in time. Within a few moment, at 2.06pm, Daven was born. Weighing 3748g at birth, he is quite a chubby baby.

One of the nurses was amazed by his weight since my tummy was rather small. I suppose 2 hours in the Delivery Suite was a short time. I didnt even have epidural. Let's just say that the tough has yet to come.


denise & cin : guess now you guys will bemore interested in Daven's photo le. hahax.

trix : thanks for dropping by again. Daven is born healthy~! Maybe next time he will become pro racer. LoLx!

Yvonne : Ya. Long time no see! Thanks for dropping by too. I think I will miss dance.

CrystalXue:ya. pictures should becoming soon. SOON..

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