Monday, April 23, 2007
This Says It All

= NYP staffs do nothing but shake legs.

I finally got to my mentor, but he still
told me to look for my course manager if
I wanna change to JL2. and When I finally
get to the course managaer, he freaking
told me off
, saying that I should apply
and all those shit. Freak you.

= Dried Mango is nice. So is mangoteen.

Angela bought some dried mango. and some
is really just some. and according to serene,
it is mangoteen. who cares wad it's called
when it's nice. *munch munch*

= Abnormal may not be a bad thing.

That is when you dont feel bad about being
abnormal. I'm abnormal, unique. so are u.
went home with xiaohong todae, and he
crapped alot. Just hope that he's feeling okay
now. If ya ever need someone, a couple of hugs,
or maybe just some care, I'm here, k?
Always here.

= Lingx say love is an irrational thing.

That will explain why I never got into
love since then. I guess I have been rational
. maybe a little too rational.
I wonder if it's a bad thing. But being in
may not necessarily be a good thing.

[If you think you understand, think again.]
[If you dont get what you read, read again.]

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j0tt3d @t 7:35 PM
Me, I && Myself

XueQi aka eRika aka GinGeR

I love to bake,
trying out to cook.
I love cookies,
learning to like making cakes.

I can be nice
or evil.
I can be hyper
or quiet.

Trying my best to always
Love what I do,
and Do what I love.

I serve Nuffnang!

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