Monday, December 25, 2006
Love mi Luv eu

This is a little add-on for Xmas~
A list of must-have for all the
Gingerbread man wanna-be. LOL!
Just read for the fun. hahax.

1. Must be relatively rich

I dont really need a guy that is filthy rich, though having one would be great. At the very least, I want a guy who is rich enough to treat me to something nice once in a while. Yes! That means FOOD! Just simple food will do. XD

2. Must be good-looking

Dont try to tell me that appearance doesnt matters. It does. At least to a certain extend. I wouldnt wanna to face someone that turns me off everytime I look at him. But I dont really need someone who's really handsome too. Just someone who doesnt disgust me alot. That will do.

3. Must have TALENT

Singing, Dancing, Music, Sports~ Anything will do. It is quite important as a guy with talent has passion about that particle area. And guys with passion are unresistable. um, or so i thought.

4. Must be taller than me

I guess this is a simple one to understand. I dont really think that I can stand having a boyfriend shorter than me. But also not too tall. If not, it's difficult to kiss. LOL!

5. Must like Kbox and Sakae

Simple. Just because I LOVE Kbox and Sakae that that that much~~ so if he doesnt love it as much as I do, at least dont dislike it. So he will treat me go also~ Ahhh.. FOOD~!

6. Must be online active

Well, that's because I'm online most of my free time. So at least being able to type well, know some simple application is a must. Msn, Yahoo messager or icq, whatever. Computers are not just for online games.

7. Know me

This seems simple, but actually it's the most difficult of all. Since I seem to have many different masks and faces, it's not east knowing all of me and understand is going to be another problem.

8. Love me for who I am

If that someone did manage to know and understand me, I believe it is important to love that me as much as possible. I can see that improving is essential for every living being, but it doesnt mean lowering the present to get a better future. So Love me now, and look forward to a better me tomorrow. Not expect.

9. Love my friends as much as I do

Just because I love my friends this this much. So he should never, never want me to abandon my friends for some stupid reasons. um. ok. for ANY reasons.

10. Huggies~

xGingeRx loves hugs and cuddles. So a daily hug is essential for the gingery relationship to work.

hahax. after reading all that,
I guess the main thing is not
about how many are there in
this list. When love's right,
nothing's wrong. Maybe, just
maybe, someday, there's someone
who's going to make me think
that nothing is too important
compared to love. Cheers.

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j0tt3d @t 11:03 PM
Me, I && Myself

XueQi aka eRika aka GinGeR

I love to bake,
trying out to cook.
I love cookies,
learning to like making cakes.

I can be nice
or evil.
I can be hyper
or quiet.

Trying my best to always
Love what I do,
and Do what I love.

I serve Nuffnang!

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